Vid Of The Week

Welcome to my new weekly feature- vid of the week- where I’ll post a different awesome Club Penguin vid every week! It might not always be the famous ones you expect… so you may be surprised!
Bu this time… you won’t be! It’s the Club Penguin Bad Day video by Tehkraziboi- the most famous Club Penguin vid of all!

Well, tune in next week for another ‘Vid Of The Week!’
Until next time…
Waddle on!


6 Responses

  1. bodge on my site i have a viedo list thats good so u cna look there for viedos

  2. hey bodge me and my friend braxonack (we know eachother in real life :mrgreen: ) started a blog! here’s a link:
    it’d be cool if you could add us to ur blogroll!

  3. hey! i love that video! anyway comment on my site more plz and for the next video do It Ends Tonight by Cpmrbigman! It is awesome!

  4. sorrry my blogroll has eventually changed into 50,000 hits

  5. Bodge my site is losing hits like cp trios. its weird. Also Oatman commented at Mohds site and got really mad at him. waddling on.

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