Furniture Catalogue Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s furniture catalogue- it doesn’t look like there’s much new stuff- but looks can be decieving! It’s mainly the old medieval stuff! Anyway, here’s that sneak peek:

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Better start saving up those coins!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


13 Responses

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  2. almost 40000 hits bodge hope u have a party

  3. Bodge you can get a free item its the wizzard hat in the lighthouse/wizzard tower the hat is on the table walk over to it and say yes to it.

  4. alright bodge chriscap is my brother. Oatman, jayman5000, and zebrahorse45 are my friends and rock o hopp is a child of a moderater. thats that to answer your question. And Oatman comes over to my house and comments most of the time on my computer.

  5. Cool blog! 😉

  6. Omg one of my buddies is a child of a moderator??? As in Billybob and Rsnail? Thats so cool!!! Does Rock o Hopp look at ur site Bodge? Well I mean he must do if he comes to all of ur parties! lol

  7. ah! so he was at your house! thats why the ip adress was the same! thnx the source i was confuzeled!

  8. Rock o hopp is the son of Rockhopper Moderater

  9. need hits come visit site

  10. Oh thats so cool! Ok I’ll visit ur site

  11. Interiordes? do u kno u won the contest or not? nyway look a few posts back! and ya interiordes- Rock O Hopp visits my site occasionally (or at least he sez he does- he doesn’t comment much on even the source’s site!) also thnx 4 the tip off interiordes i just hadnt got round to posting at that time!

  12. Zebrahorse visits your site too. He just doesnt comment

  13. hi bodge cool post

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