New Feature Coming Soon- New Log In & Server Selection

The mods have announced another of the new features- a new log in and server selection (I know- quite a mouthful)! Here’s their post about it, from the CPIP blog:

Hello Penguins!

Meeting up with buddies in Club Penguin is really important–I know because it’s something a lot of you say is difficult right now. In fact, it has been on of the top things suggested for improvement from many players! Your feedback on this issue has been a huge help. The team knew right away that one of the first improvements they wanted to work on was to make it easier to find your buddies when logging into Club Penguin.

Some of you had great ideas about making the login function better–a popular one was grouping worlds based on those you visit most often!

That’s part of what the team is working on right now. They are totally rebuilding the way you login to Club Penguin! The new login feature will make it a lot easier to locate your friends online–and the worlds will be grouped in a way that will help you stick with the buddies you play with most often.

The feature is still being worked on and as always, any suggestions or ideas you have will help make Club Penguin even better! So let us know what you think!

Until then…waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

Sounds cool! But then what if one of your buddies is on who you haven’t seen for ages and the server they are on is bottom of the list? Oh, well, I’m sure it’ll be a BIG improvement!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


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  1. almost 40,000 hits great job bodge!
    your site is doing great!
    looks like!


  2. this is my fav song good beat
    HEY BODGE!!!!

    If you do:
    P.s. If you visit my site and leave a comment I will add you to my blogroll.

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