New Pin

A new pin came out yesterday! Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday but after I came off after posting about the free item my sisters went on and I couldn’t go back on (if you made any sense of that whatsoever lol!). Anyway, the new pin is the Anvil Pin and is located in the Boiler Room- you have to make it using the Anvil Maker 3000! Here’s a picture:


Well, that’s all for now!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Dear Everyone, When I always played club penguin! I always saw new pins! Well! i am going to share some! Ok! When I get back again for more tips!

  2. Dear Everone, When I always played club penguin! I always saw new pins and tips! Because club penguin or our computer or our internet or Aunt Artic or either Others! Wow! But!!!!!! Well! Now I saw the new pin at and thats a secret you must not say it! Ok! And this is the Best one and new! Its came from yesterday! Ok! Its the Boiler room! Then next is try to press the Anvil Maker! And check it! You ‘ ll have a new pin! Ok! Another one is in! The Beach! The wizards hat! Ok! Get it and check it out! Then you could wear it for real! And for the penguin! Ok! Thanks for reading! But wish you could vote for my 6 membership at club penguin! Pls! Ok! Thanks! Yeah you vote yahoo! Thanks really! Ok! Bye!

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