Vid Of The Week

Welcome to Vid Of The Week, my weekly post which every week posts an awesome vid weekly (lol how many times can you write ‘week’ in one sentance!lol!). This week’s vid of the week is CPTV Episode #2 by Heatblast227- widely thought of as his best vid ever! Featuring things from Penguin Chat 3 as well as Club Penguin! Enjoy!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


11 Responses

  1. sweet bodge!
    u should have a 40,000 hits party!
    that would rock!


  2. I am losing hits quickly ppl!!! plzzzzz visit my site and I will treat you nicely!!! If you leave a comment then I will add u to my blogroll, unless you’re already on my blogroll. Thank you for helping me with my site! It wouldn’t be complete without you!
    From Interiordes3

  3. i love that episode

  4. yd u delete me off ur blogroll

  5. can u come to my party. go to my site see if you can

  6. what i didnt notice my brother commented on a site. ok i changed my name now to the source. come to my party

  7. hey dude!
    check out my grand opening contest!
    i am giving away 2 beta’s with member ships and more!
    and going to be an admin at my site!
    check it out dude!
    hope u can win!

    ( )

  8. apengbomber i didnt delete u- i put u on the friends roll- its an honourary section in my blogroll!

  9. Lol! Im glad you had a good holiday. Mine was boring. It was all revision revision revision but I had a bit of fun on Thursday when we went to South-end to Adventure Island with my baby cousin.
    From Interiordes3

  10. wot r u revising 4?

  11. Summer exams. Topics include English, Maths, French, Latin, History, Science, Geography, DT, Art, Music and Rs. I know you don’t really care but hey! Bodge check out my updated site hope you like!!!!

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