Contest Winners

The winners of the story contest and the igloo contest have been announced! I don’t think the igloo contest was very well organised- they didn’t even say whether you had to open your igloo or not! And as for the story contest, I have my suspicions that the stories are written by mods! But, still, the stories are good (although I prefer mine) and the winners were:

Chochypop with ‘The Day My Puffle Went On An Adventure’ (not a very original title- is it?)

Sammysays with ‘All In A Days Work’ (about the secret mission- this one doesn’t tie up all the loose ends)

And Lolliepops10 with ‘My Puffle’s Party’ (which doesn’t really describe how the puffle organised the party)

All of them need some improvement, but they were quite good stories- so congratulations to those winners (even if you are mods).

Anyway, moving on to the Igloo Contest…

10 more winners than originally said (even by Billybob) were selected- with a total of 30 winners overall! The top ten recieved 25,000 coins and the other twenty recieved 15,000. Only the top ten got featured in the paper though! The top ten winners are:

& Puffinnboo

To see the actual igloos of the winners, read the newspaper! Click here to read it without logging in to Club Penguin.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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