I’m Feeling Random

I’m feeling random right now (it happens to me every once in a while (every day lol)) so I thought that, seeing as I’ve just spent a week in Wales, I’d try and find out what ‘Club Penguin’ is in Welsh! I bought a dictionary while I was there- but ‘Penguin’ wasn’t in it- so I had to resort to the internet to find it- which means it might not be 100% correct! But anyway, it’s just a bit of fun!

Ok, so Welsh for Club Penguin is…

Pastwn Pengwin

Lol! Cool! That has a ring to it (if I’m pronouncing it right lol)- I think it’s a great name! Welsh is such a cool language! English is better though (no offence to any Welsh people)!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

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    and wordpress but i am stiff giving away all my betas
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    see ya for the last time forsure

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