May Wrap-Up

It’s monthly wrap up time again already! This month has definately gone quickly! Someone must have pressed the fast-forward button lol! Anyway, for those who are wondering, a wrap-up is where I tell you the stats for the month. I originally got the idea a month ago from both the WordPress blog and the Club Penguin Trio blog (who, I assume, also got their idea from WordPress!). Anyway, here are the interesting (but pretty much useless lol) stats for May:

13,050 hits in May only! Almost 2,000 more than last month!

Two awesome days for hits- 10th with 824 and 24th with 779- but no new best day ever (my current one is 1,380 on April 14th).

During May, I have posted 51 times! That’s a lot- but 21 less times than last month! Still, that’s more than one per day!

442 comments in May alone.

Also, I hit 40,000 hits (now 42,000), hosted the least amount of parties I have ever hosted in one month (none) and fired 0 buddies in the whole month! Wow!

So there you have it- some useless stats! I hope I’ve given you something to not think about! Lol!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed those useless stats! Lol!

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