Bodge Is Back

My penguin’s been unbanned and, as far as I can see, there is no harm done- I’m still a secret agent, still a member… Everything- apart from my clean no-bans record! Also I found out about a fairly new feature called autoban: if you say a bad word you’re instantly banned by the filter- instead of people having to report you!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



12 Responses

  1. Auto ban isent a new feature its been on club penguin for years!

  2. lol ok wotev how wud i kno iv never been banned before!

  3. im starting to think you did it not your lil sis lol

  4. hey
    its us lolli and rokchik woot woot
    cp filter is tuff huh
    bodge it was fun
    our utube chanel is lollipenguin
    wedding is 1 am on crystal
    sunday 6th july, tomorrow! i wanted a pyjama party but kyo wanted a wedding lol with cake rofl
    we like ur site

  5. i am pst
    all detail on our friends site
    he can do kool edits

  6. ooo soz about this
    hey she got a ban or two or three lol
    for the songs
    hey bodge r u on a bribble
    we r
    misams usually
    at this time

  7. the chat box
    is http:/
    go on now and we can talk 😎

  8. oo flash

  9. its flash.bribble oops typo

  10. stp banning cokm57 n purpley pliz

    i know hhow

  11. oh man;(;) Cokm57 is banned forever

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