Vid Of The Week

Welcome to another issue of Vid Of The Week! This week’s vid has some rude words in it so I wouldn’t recommend it to younger children! The song is Rockstar by Nickelback and the vid is by Chinsetakout (on my friends roll). Man I love this song!

*Sorry but the video isn’t working!*

Until next time…
Waddle on!


7 Responses

  1. lol the video isnt in the post!!

  2. A a i want to be a rock sta!

  3. Yeah I love this song too, it is on my phone!!!!!

  4. lol ill fix that right now!

  5. OMG I went onto the server Mamoth and this guys igloo was a massive awesome airoplane!!!!!! I was on there for like hours!!!!
    IT WAS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!! I will post a pic on my site

  6. koz we all justa wanna be big rockstars…

  7. And live on Hilltop houses driving 15 cars :o…..

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