Another Mission Sneak Peek

The mods have released another sneak pek of the new mission, coming early next week (which I assume means Monday or Tuesday). Apparently they’re nearly done! No-one’s quite sure what to expect: some are saying a cheesy rip off ending- Herbert turning good- and some are suggesting there’s another sequel to come! Who knows? Anyway, here’s that sneak peek:

Maybe the mission coincides with the upcoming Rockhopper visit, which the mods said would happen later in the month?

Until next time…

Waddle on!



7 Responses

  1. They usily come out on tuesday and i would be rearly anoyed if herbert turned good! also interiordes has given her site a makeover so be sure to visit

    ~hasta la vista, baby!

  2. They really need a new culpret we all know that its cluzty and herbert … we can solve harder missons lol

    Over and out you know what im talking about

  3. Thanks Kimi!!! I just added a new story and changed the theme to a green one!

  4. hey interiordes- are u still on?

  5. Yep I’m here!!! Writing the sequel to Teardrops!!!

  6. lol ya but then i went off, writing a post lol

  7. Lol The Story if finished now! You can go to my site and read it if you want! It’s called ‘The Adventure Begins’ And you’re included in it!!!

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