Secret Letter In Newspaper

Last Thursday a secret letter to PSA agents was hidden in the paper! Sorry I’m a bit late with this, but so much news happened recently I forgot! Anyway, the letter was hidden on page A3- in the ‘Water Party Review!’ If you hover your mouse over the bottom of the picture of the crab, a line of code will appear. Click on this, and a letter should appear. The code says ‘To unlock this file, turn all puffles red.’ It should look like this:

Once they are all red, a message will appear, this time in English:

So this confirms that it was Klutzy who was at the mine with the lamp- maybe he caused the earthquake from the underground? The PSA STILL haven’t told the civillians about the dangerous Polar Bear and his accomplice- they’re probably pretty confused- although most penguins are agents anyway!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. omg everyone is like at the dock on flippers
    trying to find fever but they can’t

  2. Bodge can you help me i need a cp tv channel because i cant do it cause since my pc went down the word press pictures media and videos wont load …

  3. Heya ppl PLZ come to Tren56’s party!!! Here is the info
    When: saturday june 28th

    Time: 8:00 pst

    Where: Tundra, Dock
    Also there will be games and like the winner of all of them will be a VIP to his next party!!!!!

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