1st MASSIVE Contest

To celebrate my 50,000 hits mark, I’m going to be holding several MASSIVE contests with GREAT prizes! My first one, which starts today, will be a writing contest: all you have to do is write a short story (about Club Penguin) and comment it on this post! The prizes will be:

1st: Be a worker here for one week.

2nd: A penguin- as rare as I can get it! (I’ll email/ comment on your site (if you have one) the password)

3rd: A special place on my blogroll- above all the others- for two months (if you have a blog).

Good luck and may the best penguins win!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


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  1. i hate pie

  2. la la la la

  3. i hope i get in first or second.

  4. 3rd is kinda a lame prize lol

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  7. Hi. Im empleongirl, and I would really like to help you raise your hits, so I will comment 3 times EVERY day. I like to help people out.

    Hope you reach 100,000 soon!!!1 And Keep up the GREAT work! ^_^


  8. Sorry but I have three reasons why I cannot do the contest.

    1. Im not a very good writer
    2. I want other people to win, not me.
    3. Im usually too busy and only have enough time to write maybe two pots every day, then I am doing something else thats importaint.

    Keep up the great work! ^_^

  9. I kind of messed up on the 3rd reason. I meant this:

    3.Im usually too busy and only have enough time to type maybe two posts every day, then I am doing something else thats importaint.

  10. heres my story i didnt know any other way of giving it yo you

    By chilly1248

    I cleared the vines that were in my face and kept running as fast as I could through the jungle. The roars of those things shook the whole jungle. . Their terribly big foot steps made the whole ground tremble. Finally after I cleared the last branch out of my way I reached a clearing. I ran harder and pumped stronger with my flippers. Suddenly the things, big scary eating machines all broke through the jungle and came running right at me. They were big and full of teeth all different shapes and sizes. Some had wings, some were riding on others but they all shared the one common thing. They all wanted the same food. . .me. Finally I stopped dead in my tracks as I came to the cliff edge. The dinosaurs slowed down there pace until they completely stopped. It looked as if hey were grinning… waiting for there meal. I looked down (although it would have been better not to) at the deep deep VERY DEEP canyon that sat below. There was a rushing stream as fast as you could imagine and monsters swimming down there, just waiting for their next meal to fall from the sky. I took a small step back making a few pebbles drop down down down down into the steam. The dinosaurs took one small step forward, shaking the ground as they did so. I took one step backward but a few rocks broke from the edge. I tilted back and fourth waving my flippers wildly as I tried to regain balance. I tilted a little more. The dinosaurs seemed to notice this and charged right at me trying to get their meal before it falls down to the other kind. Finally I tilted all the way and………….

    BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!! My stereo blasted full volume hard rock which shook my whole igloo. I fell on the floor very confused. I stood up. Put my flippers on my ears andwaddled cautiously toward the speakers. I looked frantically behindthe speakers as I searched for main cable. Finally I found it. I took my flippers off my ears and pulled with all my might at the cable. It wouldn’t budge. I pulled harder and harder until WHOOSH!! I flew across my igloo until I landed face first in my garden. I wiggled my self out of the soil and spit some dirt out. I rubbed my head sighing. I let out a big sigh.”same old igloo, with the same old carpet , and the same old stupid stereo, andthe same old creepy lawn Nome” I shuddered as I thought of that lawn Nome. “ and the same old mirror with the same old clock and the…” I stopped and looked at the clock with my mouth wide open. “ OH NO!!!!!!!! The meeting for the chizosquad will start in the next 3 minutes!!!!!! I forgot completely about it!!’ I ran around my igloo frantically putting on my casual clothes. Finally I had my clothes on. I was about to step out the door when I took one last look at the mirror. “hm sneakers check , black hoodie check, blue shades check , Afro check. “ then I paused. “AFRO!!!!!!!!” I ran to the coat hanger took off the Afro and threw it at the lawn Nome. Then I put on my blue baseball cap. And ran back to the doorway. I looked back at the lawn Nome. I shuddered. “the Afro just make make it lookmore creepy” I said. Then I waddled out of my igloo and set out for club penguin and most importantly the chizo HQ.

    I ran very fast through the the icy path until i reached club penguin. I ran faster as i dodged penguins everywhere. finally i mad It to town. I Started to sprint when i tipped on a wooden log that was on the ground. I closed my eyes but the next thing i knew i was belly sliding through the snow forts. “YAHOO!” i shouted. “Now i know why all those stupid penguins in the documentary do” this i thought. I dodged the incoming snowballs that were coming from left and right. finally i made it out of the snow forts and was sliding to the plaza. But then a penguin carrying a large cart selling coffee came stopped in the middle of the road! i was headed write toward him!! Luckily a penguin carrying a surfboard set his surboard leaning on the cart. I used the surfboard as a ramp grabbed the coffe the penguin was about to give the other penguin. fliped in the air and landed on my feet. I shouted thanks as i ran to the forest .Finally i arrived at the forest. I drank the rest of my coffee. Then i headed towrd the big rock in the foresst. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking and then i put my flipper on the rock. The rock began to beep softly and then the bottom opened like a hatch. I climed inside and then it closed. I climbed down the ladder that was there until i reached a mine cart. I hopped on and then ht mmine cart began to ove. It went pretty fast making loops,turns, and jumps along the way. Finally it stoped infronof a huge underground lake. There was a water fall crashing down on the lake. That was my stop. I kicked a rock with my flipper and a huge meteltube came out of the ground. I jumped in the tube. It sucked me in behiond the waterfall. I climbed the rocky terrain until i reached a ledge. A metal door was waiting for me. next to the door was an eye scanner. I scanned my eyes. Then a voice that seemd to come out of nowhere said “enter password” . “forest” i said loud and clear. The door then opened up. Their was a huge hall wuth lots of metal doors on each side. I ran to on door at the end and opended it. All eyes turned on me. “nice of you to join us” said the mystereous chizo leader. His face beak was covered by a bandana and his face had a black mask. He had a big cloak on and a hood on his head. “umm yea i kinda um got lost yea thats it..” i said nervously. “theres no time for that!’ said lary the rachet guy aka 1210 chip.”well lets get to the matter why you came.” “recently a penguin named yo dog 54 tested out lary’s new invention the time machine.” “he was never seen again” said the chzo leader.The chizo leader took a deep breath and continued. “your mission is to go back to the time he went back and rescue him.” All of you were chosen specificly for this mission.” “wait all of you?” i said confused. Then out of the shadows emerged 2 penguins. One of them was red with a a casual suit jacket. He had fire striker hair and red shades.he had no shoes on.- “im flamdude14 , i speasilizein adventuring in unknown terrain .” then the other penguin began to speak. He had a band jacket on black shoes and a black pirate puffle bandana on. With blue shades. he said “im party boys, i speacilize in tracking and survival.”And then theres me” said chip. “i specialize as you problably know in gadgets and technology.”wait so what specility do i have?’ asked. ” you well your past missions have shown that you are skilled in leadership and courage”. “umm ook” i said. “well your mission is simple retrive yo dog safely.” Then chip pulled out a alram clock with 4 pulleys.” i calculate that we will apear in the same area yo dog did” now everyone lets go outside. ” we all floowed chip outside the room through a winding path until we were at the amouth of a cave. I lloked up. I could see a penguins getting their sleds ready to race. “ok everyone grab a pulley” chip said. We did so. Now pull when i say go” “1..2..3..GO”! We all pulled at the same time. Then a strange sensation came to me. I thought i was spining and i was very very very fast. All arou8nd us were colors and shapes. I could see the faded image of the sun rsing and falling and rising and falling.FInally i though i heard a big BAM. Next thing i knew i was up in a tree..upside down. The others were standing straight looking at me. “Get down from their you noob” said party boys. “hey dont call me a NOOOB!” i fell from the tree and landed in the snow face first. I got up andspit out some snow. “wow second time today” i said. But everybody was staring up with their mouth wide open. “what is iiittt” i couldnt say it clerly beacuse i was shaking in terror to much. Above us was a giant lizard thing . I could have described it better but i was to afraid to talk. So just look at the picture-. Well we were about this size-.

    compared to it. I slapped party boys and he let out a scream. The dinousar roared loudly and began to charge at us. We finally regain our senses and ran harder than we ran before. We ran ran ran across the barren snowy landskape until we saw a cave high high up in a mountain. I took my spy phone out and pressed a button and a graveling hook shot out from the antenna. We climbed up the mountain. With the dinouar right out our feet . Finally we reached the cave. THe dinousar tryed to climb up the mountain but it was to big and steep. He roared and walked away.”we are safe for now” said flamedude. “that was a DINASOUR! ” i screamed randomly. “wow thanks for telling us captain obvious. said party boys. “yah know what im sick of you atttitude!’ i said. “guys guys dontfight” said chip. We gotta find a way to get out of here.” “where is the time machine” party boys said.”i dropped it in panic” chip, said. “WHAT!!” we all screamed. We looked outside and saw the time machine way down on the floor. Then two smaller dinosaurs came up to it. They seemd to poke it/ Finally they started to bit it and their was a explosion. Bits and pieces of parts came flying everywhere even way up where we were. Finally when we gathered all the parts that were in our reach chip spoke. he said “i might be able to rebuild the machine!” Chip got straight to work he took apart his py phone and got some parts he needed from that. “all i need now is a power source” he said. Then something glowing flew from the back of the dark cave to the front were we were. It was a crystal! “this is a perfect power source” said chip. we heard grunting. Then a blue penguin dressed in rags with a mowahks that had a bone through it came running out. He acted like a monkey. “gazooks its a cavepenguin!’ chip said. The he saw the crystal. The cavepenguin Ran toward it grabbd it and began to shake. His eyes got mader and mader. THe he started to roar at us!. we alls teped back and he charged full speed at us swining his fists. we all ran out of the cave bally slided down the moutain and ran very fast. The cavepenguinwas right behind us. We all climbed up a tree and the cave penguin was clibingright behind us. Then party boys got an idea. “we have to swing across this vine to the next trees QUICK!’ we all swung screaming as we did so. Then the cave penguni did the same. we swung from tree to tree the cavepenguin right behingd us. The we swung one more time andthe rope broke.!! we all fell down on the ground. Our spy phone didnt work anymore for some reason so we were defensless. The cave penguin stood on the tree and began making noises. Then the whole jungle shook. We heard crysof animals we never heard before. Then we saw what it was. Millions of dinosaurs were aroundus behind the trees. You couldint see the sky because there was so much Flying dinosaurs in the sky. The cavepenguni let out a grunt and they all charged at us. We ran for our life. WE pushed through branches and vines until we heard a scream! It was flamdude he has tripped! “go go on without me” he said. But we said no. We were about to go back when the dinosaurs all crowded flamdude. “GOOOOOOOOOO” he shouted and we bgan running with tears in our eyes. Finally we saw a claering and made our way out of the jungle. THe big foot steps of the dinosaurs were behinde us. We ran until we reached the edge of the cliff. Underneath us was a rushing stream with water dinousars swiming . The dinosaurs broke through the jungle and were headed straight toward us! “we have to jump ” said party boys. “ARE you crazy!’ but the dinosaurs were headed right toward us.”on three jump” . we all held hands. “1,2,3 JUMP” we all jumped . It was like falling in a bottomless pit. Above the dinousaurs had ran so fast that they couldnt stop and were falling with us!. I dodged the incoming dino’s as i tried to locate the others. But the next thing i knew CRASH! i had hit something hard..and wet. It was water. I held my breath as huge explosions happened above water. They were really dinosaurs landing.I swam but with all this confusion i didnt get far. Then i saw chip!. I swam towrd him but then i saw them. Huge shark like things with long necks came in swiming and snaping at anything they could get. It whole scene looked like this-

    I sam desperatly toward chip when one of the huge dinosaurs with long necks swam in with his mouth wide open. CHip tried to avoid him but he couldnt match its speed. The dinousar flinged him with his neck and then he caot chip in his mouth. Then he swallowed. It was the mot horribl thing i eve saw. I tried to sream “chip” but i swalloed water. I needed air! i swam higher and higher but everything began to go blurry. I swam but then everything got dark. I passed out. I awoke in a cave with a rousing fire next to me. ” so your awake” said party boys.”wheres chip!’ i said loudly. “dead” he said coldly. He put some fish on a stick.”now eat up i dont want you to slow me down cause your hungry” he said as he handed me a fried fish on a stick. i sighed. “what are we going to do” i said. “finish the mission” he said and he stood up. ” I have a theory, that cavepenguin we saw earlier…i believe thats yodog.”. I gasped with my mouth wide open. “being here so much might have turned him into.. that and the crystal might have reminded him of technology therefore angering him”. “so e have to get the crystal back” i said. “yea” and we fell asleep. The next day we woke up and climbed the moutain. FInally we reached a spot were we could see the cave penguin. He was looking at the crystal furiously. “okay on three” i said. “oooone…twooo” “THREE” screamed party boys and he ran and grabbed the crystal” he threw it to me and i put it in the time machine. Ok now grab yodog. Party boys did so but yodoglet out a scream calling for the dinosaurs. The ground started to tremble. Then millinsof dinosaurs were all around us. But suddenly we heard a yell. “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and from a vine swung in Flamedude and Chip! Your alive i said happily”. “Not for long” they said looking at the dinosaurs. Ok on three we pull said party boys holding yodog down. “Why does he have…” :dont ask i said ” “ok 1…2…” the dinosaurs charged at us. “THREE” we said andwe pulled the pulleys. Suddenly we began to spin around and it hapoened all over again. Night and day night and day finally we appered in the same spot we left. ” your back” said the chizo leader sternly. “and we got youdog!” i said. youdog was unconcious on the ground.”thats yodog?” said the chizoleader. “it looks more like party boys when hes grumpy” flamedude said and we all laughed exept for party boys. Well done agents lets get you cleaned up. We waddle into a room and got cleaned off. We told all about our adventure. Finally we were dissmissed. i wwas granted permission to keep yodog so he adjusts and goes back to normal. We waddled out of the hatch. I decided to go to the stage and see what play they were showing. we went in the stage and i began to scream and hide under a chair. The play The penguins that time forgot was playing and i didnt know it. I was freaked out that the dinosaurs came back. yodog was delighted. He ran off to the stage and began to climb on the equipment. he bagan to look at all the fellow cave penguins . He is still living in the stage to this very day. I wonder how hes gonna take it when they remove the play. Oh well at least there aret dinosaurs to back him up…..i hope.


    and please visit http://chilly1248.wordpress.com/

    Bodge101: Good story! They don’t all have to be this long though pengs!

  11. Cool post!!!

  12. EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!
    It was a sunny day in club penguin. Interiordes3 looked out of the stone cold window to see the most beautiful penguin, with a name none other could match: ‘Chocolate746’. She gazed lovingly at him until he spotted her so she ran away and hid behind her red sofa. When she was sure that he was gone she dressed herself up in her bikini, sunglasses , flip flops and favorite wig and headed over to the beach.
    To her surprise, Chocolate746 was there. He spotted her straight away and she shyly bowed her head and fiddled with her hair. When she once again rose her head she saw that he was walking over to her so, in a mix of shock and panic, she collapsed onto her beach towel. “Erm…excuse me?” he asked, tapping Des on her shoulder. “Hello!” Interiordes3 started to giggle for no apparent reason. “Right..I was wondering if I could..”
    “If you could….” Interiordes3 interrupted.
    “I could buy you a drink at the burger stand?”
    “YES!! Well, I mean, err…..”
    “Great! Come on over!” He gave a small and casual smile and Interiordes melted. “You’re so f…” She started, before she realised that everyone on the beach heard her. “F…f…fair! I mean your hair. It’s light!” She made up. “Right…” He gave her that smile again. She melted again.
    Oh how she would remember that night! He took her to the Pizza Parlor, and they laughed at the same jokes, liked the same foods, they were a match made in heaven. The evening drew on and Interiordes3 just wanted more and more to tell him her true feelings about him, when she finally decided to tell him the truth. “Look, I..”
    “You are beautiful. You look like your face was carved by angels and your skin was made by the finest silkworms in the world!” He said.
    “You took the words right out of my mouth.” She replied, and as she leaned over to him and he leaned over to her every muscle in her body tensed and her heart beated so fast….
    CRASH!!!!!! The earth beneath their feet started to shake and the tables started to fall over. Everyone gasped as a massive crack appeared in the wall.
    “COME ON!” Chocolate shouted and they ran into the Town.
    “In here!” Des pointed to the gift shop so they ran in. She huddled up to him in the corner while countless objects fell onto the floor. “I’m so scared!” The tears rolled down her cheeks and he wiped them away with his flipper. “It’ll be ok. Shhh……” Suddenly the desk fell down, almost crushing the manager. So they ran into the Town.
    All of the entrances to different rooms were blocked. “WHAT DO WE DO? WE’RE GOING TO DIE!!” Interiordes sobbed. Suddenly the floor beneath Chocolate split in half and he fell in. Des ran to help him, her sweaty flippers grasping onto his, he was going to fall, he was going to fall……
    All of Chocolates life flashed before his eyes. But nothing was as good as this evening. Interiordes3 was his life, his soul. “I LOVE YOU!” He shouted and somehow, that gave Des super-penguin powers. She pulled him up safely away from the split ground and they lay on the floor together, out of breath.
    “I did it. I DID IT! Chocolate?” She patted him on both cheeks. His eyes wouldn’t open. He was dead. And nothing could be done. Suddenly one eye opened..then the other….so he wasn’t dead after all. In relief Des lied panting by his side. It was a miracle. Thank the almighty lord. And as he looked down on the two, he smiled. “Ha! Look at them. Reminds me of my younger days. Now that’s a diferent story…”
    The end

  13. wow! so romantic! unexpected ending too! well done interiordes!

  14. hey i’d like to enter the unlucky 7 for your book contest. its on my books page please enter that

  15. OMG!!Can u believe this,i am having another contest,i am giving away a rare non member penguin,for more info go here

  16. hey bob101 whats up please add me to ur blog roll please i am a good friend please add me http://paintball101.wordpress.com

  17. My Is Kinda Short XD

    Lindo 811, 8timmy360, and Lizi 61

    By: 8timmy360

    Chapter 1: The Three Best Freinds Meet
    Chapter 2: The Shocking Ending Of The Freinds

    Chapter 1

    One Day On Club Penguin There Were Two Penguins That have never Seen Each Other Before there names were lindo and 8timmy360. One day 8timmy360 got invited to this party there were only two people in it. There Names Were Lizi 61 And Lindo 811. You Could See Them In My First Party Ever But Let’s Not Get Into That. Anyways It Was A Non-member igloo this is the time when i was a non-member. Anyways i was About to leave then i said to myself in real life that i don’t want to be rude and leave the house. So i just stuck with them so then lindo said Hi And I Said Hi. So We Started Talking To Each Other Even Lizi Was Apart Of It. So Then Lindo Invited Me And Lizi To His Igloo. So Then We Started Throwing Parties, Playing Hide And Seek, Meeting new People, And All That Stuff. So Later We Be Know As The Three Best Friends. For 4 Months It Been Happy And Sometimes Sad Because Sometimes We Fight but Deep Inside We Are Still Freinds. One Day Lizi Never Appeared For ABout Two Months. So Me And Lindo have Been Meeting Lindo’s Cousin Midgit Mac 2. He Was Lindo’s cousin. Then Around Spring/April Me And Lindo Have’nt Been hanging out anymore because of lizi not appearing. And Sometimes I Am Online I Just Need To Take Pics For Just About 2 mins then i see lindo saying Hi i always say gtg really quickyly because of this site. Then One Day I Found Him Online And I Said Hi And He Said Bye. THen he Logged Off.

    Chapter 2

    Then One Day In May 2008 I Have Been Online With Toronto To See What He Was Doing Then Lindo Comes Up To Me And Said Hi. I Said Hi? Then He Just Went Away I Followed Him And Ask What’s Wrong? And He Said I’m Not Your Freind Anymore. I Was Extermly sad To Hear That Then I Said Why? Lindo Said We Just Don’t Hang Out Together Anymore. I Said Okay. And Then He Said Woo Hoo Im Not Timmy’s Freind Anymore That Even Got Me More Sad. So Then I have TO Either Delete Him Or Tell Him TO Delete Me. I Delted Him. That Was The End Of Our FreindShip. Maybe Someday In Cp I Will Meet Him Again Some Day.

    Also My Site Isn’t 8timmy360.wordpress.com it is mixturey101.com! lol

    ~Ral 123 aka 8timmy360

  18. ok the source ill copy and paste it in:

    The Source’s entry:

    The Unlucky Seven
    Unlucky 7 by The Source

    Bodge, Cali, Nice Reddy, Aqua, Chriscap, Rock o hopp, Jayman, and I were waiting for oatman mostly because this was his house and we couldnt start the party without him. “He has to keep better care of his puffles, Jayman said. “Like he has a choice, said Chriscap, there were no puffle sitters around”. There was a knock at the door and Bodge, Nice Reddy, Cali, and Aqua ran to the door and opened it to be carrying heavy crates of cream soda. ” You ordered all this cream soda Rock o hopp”, I Said. “Aye, he said, cream soda is almost worshipped on Rockhopper Island”. Everyone was exhausted and couldnt move. There was still one more crate though that the 2 workeres couldnt carry. Oatman entered the room and opened 7 bags of puffle os for his 7 puffles. The puffles’ grabbed their water dish and oatman filled it to the top. Oatman started to help the workers but his bones broke all over. He and the workers fell with 75% cream soda in the food and 25% in the water. The puffles couldnt bear anymore and ate and drank their food. Suddenly they wer bouncing off the walls drinking all the cream soda in the room. “This is insane”, said Aqua. the puffles then broke out the door crazy. The 2 workers still said they had to be paid so Chriscap paid them. “Hurry guys, Said Bodge, They’re heading to Pizza Parlor”. When Oatman, Bodge, CP Trio, Rock o hopp, Jayman, Chriscap, and I got there the cream soda was gone and penguin were moaning and it was a mess. Cali grabbed binocaulars from her coat pocket. “They’re at the beacon now”, she said. The Whole group rushed for the beacon. ” I can see them now, said Nice Reddy. They were circling a scared penguin biting him. “We need to put these sleeping pills in their mouths, I Said, Jayman can dress like cream soda and distract. Jayman wasnt very happy about this but it worked. ” Hey Rock o hopp, Said Bodge, Can i have the left over cream soda”? Rock o hopp smiled and gave him the left overs. Cali, Nice Reddy, Aqua, Chriscap, Jayman, Rock o hopp, Oatman, our friends Zebrahorse and Ploppy, and I were at the dock soon later when Bodge came.”My puffles are missing, so is my cream soda, and my house is a mess”, he said. We all looked at each other and knew what happened. The End

  19. there u go the source!

  20. Thank you Bodge! I can not write happy or funny stories, I don’t know why!!! How random!!! Sad endings (even though this didn’t have one) are my speciality I suppose!

  21. Alright, I joined club penguin when the cristmas pary was going on i can remember the date but i could remember that one day i was chating on my email when Ninjaboy2 was online then i asked him, whats up he replied Not much then i asked him wat ya doing he told i m playing club penguin then he told me to join i joined as ninja boy1.

    Then i started roaming around when i saw the huge tree in the plaza i also the santa hat i went on it then they said would u like to pick up the sana hat i said yes then i did not no that i could wear it i just roamed around then i saw that HAPPY FACE on the left top of my screen i clicked it then it said Welcome to clubpenguin i got like 5 more like them then i went to the snowforts and i got the santa beard once again i did not no how to use it so i continued then i went to the night club and i saw the candy caned behind the speaker it was my first pin once again i did not know how do use it then i saw all the places.
    Later when the party was finished i just clicked on my penguin and saw 2 arrows i clicked first 1 i saw the clothing i wore it. then i knew how to use my account.

    Then i went to my igloo i learned to read the nes and understand it then i went to pet shop to buy pets but not enough coins i went to ask pengs how do i earn coins they told m then i coins about 10834 coins i bought 2 puffles (i was not a member) then i found a cheat for pets i got 12 puffles unable to controll them.

    Then in january 2007 i found my 2nd party the fiesta party it was cool espicially the music i got the maracas from there and learned to use them.And i got my 2nd pin the cactus.

    Then later i became a secre agent and did all the missions all on my self in the 1st day i became secret agent then i knew about catalogue secrets and also my spy phone.

    Then my third pin was the apple pin in the pizza parlour.then i was roaming when i reached the lodge attic and i saw the AC3000 it was snowing there.

    Then in february i found the new game with its secrets PIZZARON3000 then i saw the clock tower and i found the message in the bottle.

    Later in march 1 of my favourite days came another new pin the shirmp pin and the catalogue and i heard theres a new mission coming the third one so i was surprised.
    Then i read the news and it said the st. patricks day tomoro and an old item will come back then it also said rockhoppers coming.I did not no whos rockhopper the aunt arctic told me, it was his first visit for me. his last visit my friends took for me the item the belt.
    Then i also saw the friendship bracelet from the book room (still available) and i got another free item the pirates shoes then i met rockhopper 5 times that day and he gave me an eyepatch. later i saw the party of st. patricks day i got the free item from the dock the lucky hat and the pin form the lodge attic the pot of gold.The next day i saw the new puffle play and the new books in book room and also the new mission.

    Then later in april my favourite day came the april fools pary i got the new pin at the dock and the new free item the funny face glasses and the beach and my favourite item the blue propeler cap at the mine.then another contest came the easter egg hunt where i found the all the eggs in 10 mins and got the prize, Blue bunny ears. Let the new catalogue came and there was a stage goin to be build in the light house and i got the new pin the micro phone then i saw the stage buil it was cool but no free items.
    then i got 2 more free items and the new pin from the pirate party the sailor hat and he puffle bandana and the pin the gem was in ski village.Puffle bandana from rockhopper.And i read the new pengui tales and i went to rockhopper ship hold which was new.

    Later in may i saw new catalogue! and the new pin the flower and the cool thing the new puffle furniture then i got the secret map and went into the forest then new pin was in mine the stafish pin and there was a new member party but i got the whistle from it and later the cove was open to public and there was new building the surfing hut.

    Then in june i got the then new secret of surfing eith red puffle and the new catalogue secrets then one of the gretest party the summer party i got five party items and the new pin, pin is surfboard the items were :blue lei , icecream apron , green duck , flower headdress , and green sunglasses.Then rockhoper was coming and there was a box of water balloons in boiler room so i knew it was all about water party.then new pin was in the lodge ski lodge the basket and rockhopers free item was thepirate bandana then there was a storm in club penguin later i went sufing and thats all or june.

    My email is *edited out* thank u

    Bodge101: good… but i didnt exactly ask for your life’s story! well done on recounting all those things tho!

  22. Hey sure I’ll enter but um check my blog near the bottom of my blog there’s a story called legend of the orange puff ball I don’t and there”s a second one the return of juice but i don’t feel like rewriting them so could u paste them on here

  23. ok mowloft ill post the legend of the orange puff ball- here it is:
    Once up-on a time in a icy place known as the south pole in an area called club penguin it was a quite day on mammoth only two people were on club penguin mowloft and his little brother DJP dude. Djp dude was sitting at the coffee shop drinking coffee yet he drank so much coffee and fainted. Mowloft is more smart and was at the cove on his daily walk from the cove up the mountain and back to his igloo. He was at the plaza when he saw a orange thing move he thought it was a basketball so he went to check it out. He was right a basket but with it was an ORANGE PUFFLE his mouth dropped open.He took him home and fed him. Mowloft had 8 other puffles Mindy (purple),Rex (red), Jack (black),Max (Blue),Bluesy(blue),Larry(yellow),Lemon (yellow),Zack(green). He brought Juice home not many of the puffles liked him Bluesy, Mindy and Zack were the only ones. Three days later Juice was looking very board so Mowloft went out and brought him for a walk. Since it was three days later more penguins were on most because the one the only rockhopper arrived the day before. Penguin oohed and ahhhed and some even went awwww. So since RH was here Mowloft decided he could bring Juice to see him. When he got there all the penguins who were crowding Rockhopper froze even rockhopper stood amazed. Then when mowloft went in the store RH shooted to the penguins “Ye all be stayin’ here i be goin’ to see what and who that be.” so he went to the store and locked it behind him. He startled Mowloft and then mowloft said still startled until he noticed it was Rockhopper.

    “Oh um Mr.Rockhopper sir I was just browsing.” said mowloft

    “I see that now.” said Rockhopper “How would ye like to be a crew member on me ship?”

    “A umm sure can my puffles come?”

    “Sure matey!” Now it was later and they were leaving and they got on the migrator all the puffles were on. They were now very far out in see mowloft was talking with rockhopper in the store Lemon who always plays with Mindy couldn’t play with Mindy because she was making Juice feel welcome and Lemon didn’t like Juice so she hung out with Max but that’s another story and another puffle that hated Juice was Jack he absolutely hated him. Zack,Mindy,and Juice were chatting on the edge of the ship there was a strong breeze and that’s when it happened Juice and Mindy fell over the edge of the Migrator and then Zack screamed and fainted all the other puffles went to see what happened everyone except Lemon and Max and Jack who had a smirk grin on his face. Then the other puffles screamed and fainted too. Juice was in the water he was so scared. Rockhopper and Mowloft came up with yarr and when Mowloft saw what happened he screamed and fainted and rockhopper fainted too but he didn’t scream he just went arrg. Yarr ran to the emergency room and grabbed his surf board and jumped in the water he managed to get Mindy up but getting her up was hard he had no strength left. Then they saw a silver fin racing toward they were freaking out the they turned around to see Ollie Octopus he grabbed them and put them back on the Migrator. Then Shaun the Shark swam off. One week later they were on the edge again but Mowloft was with them and no breeze today. Mowloft went to see Rockhopper when the final part of the story is here. Jack asked Yarr if he could try his cannon as you may know red puffles have cannons. Jack went in it and shot out of it hitting Juice and Mindy off the edge and at that time the 4 other puffles fainted 5 including yarr. Mowloft came up with rockhopper and they fainted too. It was over no chance Juice and Mindy were gone. The End

    There were many puffles that were in this story. Juice the new guy,Mindy the dancer,Jack the killer,Max the heartthrob,Lemon the jealous,Zack the goof ball,Bluesy the friend,Larry the silent (or is he?),and ever strong Rex but that is another story



    for more info about why i couldent make it go to my site


    i went camping….

  25. When are the results coming in?

  26. this sunday

  27. Ok thanks!!!!! I can’t wait that long!!!


    What could this be? It was a cold winter night and all I could remember was standing there in my igloo looking at the ceiling for about 3 hours now. I was as surprised as all of my puffles while I slowly watched how a pipe was sliding through my floor letting out its horrible gasses.

    Where those foul gasses poisonous? Was I going to die any second? Deep in my mind I thought about all the danger I could be facing and started shivering just as the thoughts filled my brain. I said to myself that I should quit worrying and repeated over and over that the pipe would leave any minute……but it did not. An hour went by and I could already see the sunlight entering my dark igloo and warming my feathers but I could not ignore those horrible smells any longer.

    I decided to go talk to the smartest Penguin I knew, and that was Gary the Gadget Guy…..G for short. I put on my hoodie and headed off to the Head Quarters but I could never stop worrying about my poor puffles, still in the room with that evil pipe. Even with my puffles on my mind, I was somehow happy because now I would not find any pipes coming out of nowhere. At least that was what I thought until I found G in the Gadget Room checking a piece of pipe just like the one in my igloo……there was that smell again. “What are you doing G?” I asked him, “Oh, hi Agent, good to see you well…..I am just taking a look at this pipe.” “G, one of those pipes is in my igloo, can you take it away with one of your inventions?” I started to get nervous when I saw the shocked expression on his face. “Agent, this pipes are dangerous,” he explained, and now I was more scared than ever.

    “Can we do something, G?” “I am afraid that our pipe cleaner agent quit yesterday.” I did not even know there was a pipe cleaner agent in the agency but I just kept trying to understand everything that G said. “Are you telling me that there is nothing we can do?” I asked G, trying to keep the nervous out of my voice and trying to sound professional, “Well…agent, the only thing we can do is head to the mother pipe and turn all of the pipes in Club Penguin off and that way your pipe will stop emitting the poisonous gasses and you will be able to bring it here to the lab so we can take a look at the problem!” “Wow, G please, not so fast, now tell me where is this…uuuum…mother pipe.” I started to sound happy again because now I knew that the problem was going to be solved after all! “Okay, I am sorry agent, the mother pipe is located in the Boiler Room,” “How do I turn it off?” “Well, you ar

  29. e supposed to climb on top of the Boiler and use your wrench tool here in your Spy Phone to separate this two pipes….” When G was done explaining, I got my Spy Phone and hurried over to the Boiler Room to break those pipes. I got to the Room and saw the big pipe in front of me and I figured it would be a hard job to climb that thing.

    After falling about four or five times, I reached the pipes and got my Spy Phone, it fell to the ground. I was lucky that there was a penguin there to help me get the Phone back. “Thanks for the help,” I told the innocent little penguin, “You have to give me a chocolate bar now in return,” the smart kid said, and even though it was my only lunch, I threw him my Chocolate Bar. Now that the kid was out of the way, I took the wrench and tried to separate those two pipes until…”snap!” G had told me that a bunch of gas would go out of the pipes when I completed the job, so it was not a surprise, though I was not expecting it to shoot in my face. Even with my dirty face, I smiled at the thought that I had saved Club Penguin.

    I finally got back to the Gadget Room carrying the pipe that had been bothering me the whole night and gave it to G. “Thank-you agent, now I will make sure to hire a new pipe cleaner so this does not happen again,” G said, but I still wanted to know something, “G, why do people never hear about this job?” I asked, “Oh agent, that is why we call it the secret job, if people ever knew about it, they would all risk their lives trying to be a pipe cleaner themselves just to get a nice helmet,” G responded, and we both laughed and laughed at the idea of people running around asking to fix pipes in the middle of town, just imagine a penguin in the middle of Town screaming, “SAY I IF YOU WANT CLEANER PIPES!!”

    Well, this was the story of the now not so secret job, but do not even think about trying to find one of those pipes. Now, I live happily with both of my puffles with no pipes around……and that is how I want to live.


  30. One night i was in my friends igloo, then i went to the town to see my friend. I see an earthquake, then agents came they took penguins all over to the boiler room.I see my girl friend still up not here i go up stairs to the night club she,s not there, i go in the town she there but she couldn,t talk or move I pick her up and went back to the boiler room and I told her i loved her then she logged off and never got on again [aka] died

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