Furniture Catalogue & Secrets

A new furniture catalogue came out last Friday- packed full of summery items and awesome secrets! First of all, they’ve brought some of the beach furniture back- with A LOT of new stuff, such as: the recycling bin (which if you use the up and down arrow keys you can put paper in), the Curved desk (put three of these together for a full circle) and the White Plastic Chair. Here are some pics of the new stuff:

Very nice- plenty more where that came from:

The aquatic stuff isn’t new- it’s just returned to the front of the catalogue again! Anyway, there’s more to come:

That’s all the new stuff! Now for the secrets!

The Inflatable Dragon can be found by clicking on the beach towel:

The Clam can be found by clicking on the seaweed:

And, finally, the Lava Lamp (which is really cool) can be found by clicking on the sunset in the Sunset Painting:

Well, that’s it for this month’s furniture catalogue! Look out for the Sports one coming out next Friday!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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