Vid Of The Week

Welcome to Vid Of The Week, my weekly post that features one fantastic Club Penguin video every week! But bear in mind: it’s not always the ones you’ll expect! This week’s Vid Of The Week is Party Like A Rockstar– Club Penguin by Epk1112! There’s some pretty good effects and the words are all about right. Enjoy!

Click this link to watch it large screen:

Tune in next week for yet another Vid Of The Week!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


9 Responses

  1. Hey, it’s me! CONGRADS on all the hits!!! 😀 you rock!
    cali fades away…

  2. Bodge i would have posted this on the qwestion@ Awnser page but i figured i would post it here ..

    can you help me put the pages on my site to the right because every time i add a new page all the pages mess up my site!!!!

  3. i am some one here on this site and you work on my site lol try to figure out who i am heres a hint

    ar e

  4. sargent luke- u cant beat detective bodge! lol!

  5. And the vid dosnt work again! more importantly check out my hockey legue page ASAP

  6. If any of you guys have blogs, and want a widget (a thing for your sidebar) to advertise something, email me at for a request. For only a small post advertising my site, I wil create you up to 3 widgets. Please email me!

    ~ Cazewok Guy

  7. hey bodge can i copy your add a sentance to the story and ruin the wish to club penguin trio? i had a poll and the game page won! so um can i?????
    p.s. answer on CPT plz!

  8. please visit my homestead and cp7 site

  9. Bodge, I’m in the club penguin seven and I have my own blog. Could you add my regular blog to your blogroll? Cmment back on my site saying you will and I will add you.

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