Rockhopper Finding Guide

I thought that seeing as Rockhopper is here again, I’d get into the RH spirit by publishing my Rockhopper Finding Guide, packed full of top tips for finding Rockhopper and getting that free item!

Is he on?
First of all, you need to make sure Rockhopper is online! Type in his username (Rockhopper- duh!) and any random password more than five characters long. If it says he’s banned, he’s offline, if it says ‘incorrect password,’ he’s online! If he’s offline, there’s no point trying to find him, so you’lh have to wait until he’s back online again to find him!

While he’s here, normally he will be on: either as a robot or a random moderator!

What server will he be on?
Rockhopper can go on any servers. Often he starts on one server then progresses down the list, going to each one for a short amount of time (5-15 minutes). It helps (occasionally) to listen to rumours: mostly these are fake, but after you’ve scoured a whole server, any are worth a try!

Rockhopper spends the most time on well-populated servers (such as the left side of the first page of American servers (and Mammoth) and Frozen). If you see a server that has five or four faces, while the others around it have two or one, it’s definately worth a try!

What room will he be in?
Rockhopper spends most of his time on shore: that’s the only place I’ve ever met him! so when you try a server, first check the Dock, Beach and his ship (all over- normally the Hold). After that, the Snow Forts, Town, Iceberg and Pizza Parlour are definately worth a look! Just like with the servers, he can go on any server, and sometimes he leads parades across the island. If he’s not in any of the places I mentioned, he’s probably not on the server, but you never know!

Any methods?
A good method for finding Rockhopper is searching for irregularities: servers that aren’t normally very full with four or five faces. If you can’t find any of these, check the popular servers (which I mentioned above). Try to move through servers quickly, checking the rooms he’s most likely to be in. also try any servers with names connected to Rockhopper or other Club Penguin things: such as ‘Rocky Road’ or ‘Polar Bear.’ After you’ve checked these, try to systematically move down the list.

Good luck on finding Rockhopper! If you have your own tips, feel free to comment them below for other people’s benefit!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


6 Responses

  1. i found rockhopper but his mame in the account is Rockh opper

  2. i found rockhopper at the server flippers

  3. You should make this into a page and delete older pages like

    My igloos not working ….

  4. my igloos not working is a post!

  5. ERm what time is the results for the story coming?? Thanks!

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