Membership Renewed & More

My Club Penguin membership has been renewed again! So I don’t have to worry about losing my membership status for a whole 6 months (until 28th December which is, incidently, Kimi 07’s birthday!). I’m just glad I managed to renew my membership before Rockhopper left- I didn’t want to miss out on the items! Also I found out that they now have it set out for several different countries: when I first got my membership on 27th December 2007, I had to convert dollars to pounds just to know how much I was spending. Because of exchange rates, my membership last time was £5 cheaper than it was this time! Anyway enough about all that boring stuff lol! Now for the ‘more’ part of the post!

Soon I will be starting my own widget business, right here on this site! You will be able to order widgets (free of charge, of course) or copy and paste the codes from already made widgets!

Also, I have added Interiordes3 (the 1st prize contest winner) as a temporary editor on this site (as you may have heard from her post about it!). She will be working here for a week (until next Sunday).

My next contest will start in about two weeks along with my 50,000 Hits Party! Sorry it is so late (we’ve already reached 55,000), but I’m going on an adventure holiday in a week!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


5 Responses

  1. lol, I renew in september

  2. dude can you advertdise my site on yours and put a webcounter thing on too for me, please. i have to go up to the mountains for a camping trip. can you have that ready for me before i get back on wednesday. talk to you later.

  3. hi bodge101 its me reubster

  4. hi reubster! had fun hanging with u on cp today! u asked me how to make animations: it uses a program called unfreez: search it in google!

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