Rockhopper On Snowy River

Sometime yesterday, I was wandering around Snowy River server, gathering pics for my Club Penguin Mysteries post as Bodge102, when, low and behold, I saw Rockhopper at the Beach: plain as day and with a very small amount of people around him! I wasted no time: I hadn’t previously got the background for any of my penguins. When I first met him he was giving out the eyepatch and when I met him my second time, he was leaving just as he arrived. So, quick as I could, I got the background for Bodge102, Bodge101, and my sisters’ penguins. Here are some pics of our meeting:

What a surprise meeting!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


10 Responses

  1. rockhopper dose not talk or say anything

  2. You’re sooo lucky!!!!I havent met him once yet!!

  3. Man. i wish i cuold meet him. *cry*

    ALSO I HAVE SOME ?S WHAT SEVER IS HE ON THE MOST AND WHEN DOES HE LEAVE????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  5. Hey people!

    I have a new blog! Its check it out! You can get tons of coins!

  6. rockhopper is my penguin im rich and famous

  7. Hey bodge can you fill in on my site i am going to my freinds so can you please post new events my cp team dosent even post so its like a one man job

  8. ok how long will u be gone?

  9. Yes, will comes to my site and I make money for his penguin…..he owns Rockhopper too…..and Aunt Arctic…..which he never logs on with…

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