FIREWORKS, New Catalogue Sneak Peek CPIP Update

Welcome to a long post with a LONG title- there sure is a lot going on!

First of all, there are now fireworks at the Ski Hill and the Iceberg. They look pretty much the same as the New Year’s ones- probably because it’s the same animation! I assume they are to celebrate American Independance Day- which I, of course, don’t celebrate, being British!

Now for the next part of this LONG post! The mods have released a sneak peek of the upcoming clothing catalogue. Take a look:

If you ask me, they just gave the game away- they seem to love ENTIRELY spoiling the surprise for everyone! Oh well! We love to know! Anyway, the new fashions are definately to do with music- hopefully some new instruments (or the old ones, such as the trombone and violin: I haven’t got them!). They say that the fashions will be ‘really handy’ in the July party. So I suppose that means it’s some sort of music festival or something.

Anyway, moving swiftly (or not too swiftly in this case) on, the mods have released more info about the new login and server selection. It seems they are scrapping the good old faces and moving in with the green line!

Also they are including a new idea, ‘suggested servers,’ which tells you the servers you go on most frequently.

That’s about it for the moment!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Wow I didnt know you were British! Anyway, Im from Texas so I do celebrate it yay!

  2. yo thats cool i usually go on tuxedo im a member its like being famous lol

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