CPIP Double Update Sneak Peek

The mods have been posting a lot of peeks at the upcoming updates recently- probably to make up for not posting for a while!

The Penguin Mail update is ALMOST ready to launch, so it might be ready to launch early next week: unfortunately, I won’t be here, so I won’t be able to post about it until next Friday! But anyway, here’s what the new Penguin Mail will actually look like:

With the new Penguin Mail, we’ll be able to save postcards; ignore postcards- even delete them! And we’ll be able to send mail to buddies even when they’re not online! I was hoping to be able to send letters, but I suppose they would be hard to moderate!

Moving on, now, to the second upcoming update: the new player card!

They’ve scrapped their old idea, and come up with a new, even better layout:

It’s basically the same as the old layout, except now it’s catagorised to make it easier to find stuff! There will also be the new ‘clear outfit’ button the mods mentioned earlier!

In other news: there are two new catalogues and a new pin- I’ll post about them very soon!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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