I Met Rockhopper On Mammoth! (Twice)

About an hour or so ago, I met Rockhopper again– for the second time this trip alone (making it my fourth meeting ever)! He didn’t stay long- in fact he tricked us all to go to the Snow Forts, then skidaddled- but I saw him anyway! Here’s a pic:

Well, this is kinda weird, but he must’ve had computer troubles or something, and that was why he left, because I met him again (five mins later)- at the Snow Forts. In the first meeting, he asked us where we should go next, and I said “SNOW FORTS” and he said “Do I Hear Snow Forts?” So wow- he actually went where I told him to go! Whoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Here’s a pic of the second meeting:

Lol! Fun!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. When I go away for two weeks could you look after my blog I’ve been looking for ages for someone to look after it


  2. bodge me and cali are thinking about………
    quitting the blog
    i dont wanna but it’s just i dont know

  3. thnx 4 looking after my blog bodge. All you have 2 do is write updates when you are at home.

    if you like you can have a full time roll as either contributor or editor when I get back.

    My blog doens’t have that many hits.

  4. lets meet on the english server windhcill in the dojo right now

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