New Newspaper, Clothing Catalogue, Wig Catalogue and Pin!

Hi pengs! Welcome to yet another LONG post (with my longest title ever!)- extra long because I missed posting about the newspaper yesterday! So… First on the posting agenda is… Let’s see… The new newspaper.

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times came out yesterday: it is issue #142. We’re nearing #150- I wonder if there’ll be anything special like for the #100 one! Anyway, the top stories are:

“Captain Comes Back,” which is about Rockhopper’s return,

and “Almost Here! Must Have Mail!” which is about the new mail system.

This week’s In Focus is a tour of the Migrator, done by Rockhopper himself; there are all the usual things, Aunt Arctic, articles done by us, jokes, riddles… And this week’s puzzle is a wordsearch. Here’s a picture of the Upcoming Events page:


Moving swiftly on… A new Clothing Catalogue came out today, bringing with it buckets of stylish music fashion! It’s not just old stuff, like everyone expected, but mostly new stuff!

There is one new background, the other three are repeats!

There are also two new wigs:

Now for the secret items!

Clothing Catalogue:
1.Click on the Supanova Suit (Elvis Suit)’s belt for the Red Viking Helmet:

2. Open the Red Viking Helmet up three/four times for the Blue Viking Helmet:

3. Click on the pressure guage for the Diver’s Helmet:

4. To get the Woodman’s Hat, click on the indicated part of the Green Tabard:

5. Click on the streamer from the Emerald Hat for the Crystal Staff:

6. Click on the Green Rubber Boots for the Cheesy Necktie:

Now for the Wig Catalogue cheats! There is only one- and it is the same as last time:
Click on the Spikester for the Spikette:

Hope you enjoy all the fantastic new fashions! Now, finally, moving onto the new pin!

The new pin is a firework rocket and is hidden at the Cove:

That’s all for now! I would have posted earlier but I’m always busy on Thursdays and Fridays!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. I have finished ‘My Life’ series, Book 3: A Life-Changing Discovery! Go to my site to read it!!!

  2. you only get one week on summer vacation?!?!? We get three months on summer vacation. Wow BTW how much is gas in british land?

  3. No!!! I get two months. And gas is VERY expensive here in the british land lol!

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