Random Club Penguin Quiz

Well, I’m feeling a little random today, what with me being excited about going on holiday tomorrow and everything… So i decided to do a random little quiz about CP! You don’t have to comment your answers- just think them if you want! I don’t mind! Enjoy!

1. When was Club Penguin started? (the month will do)

2. Who was Club Penguin originally made by?

3. How many issues of the newspaper have there been?

4. What age group is CP aimed at?

5. Who is the most famous moderator?

6. What makes betas special?

7. How many missions are there?

8. What emote do you get if you press ‘E’ and ‘1’?

9. How much does a membership cost (in pounds) for six months?

10. What is the oldest pin?

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Just a random bit of ‘thinking fun’ lol!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



14 Responses

  1. I really cant b e bothered to answer the quiz. It’s a real gloomy feeling around the house and it’s raining so hard that none of the TV channels work. The thunder is echoing around the room and it’s leaving a real eerie feeling around the room 😦

  2. ya the rain was interfering with our satallite- typical: im going on an OUTDOOR adventure holiday tomoz!!!!!

  3. Good luck with that!!!! I’m going to Portugal tomorow. If Kimi is going (To the adventure holiday, I mean) tell him that I am looking after his site.

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  5. idk what pounds is do u mean dollars? membership is 30 dollars i think.

  6. pounds is the best currency in the world- its british currency! one pound is worth like TWO dollars!

  7. 1-October 2005
    3-dunno lol

  8. 5-BillyBob
    6-Their hat
    7-7 at the moment lol
    8-The super-duper happy face
    9-Sorry I’m Canadian
    10-From everything I remember, the Music Note pin.

  9. 1.October 2005
    2. Billybob/Rsnail
    3. 143 (as of today)
    4. 6-13
    5. Billybob
    6. their hat, first penguins
    7. 8 now
    8. super happy (i think its a ‘scary smiley’)
    9. dunno……..15?
    10. four-leaf clover
    Hope I got it right! :0)

  10. Can you tell the answers??

  11. hey to all the GIRLS out there a have an awosme quiz you have to cheack it out!http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=0811100655323859&a=1&

  12. 1. october 2005
    6.their hat
    7.8 now
    8.super happy
    10.four-leaf clover

  13. i took all day to find all the answers or a week at least i hope my answer are right!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1. October 2005
    2. Billybob?
    3(4 messed it up) ehh… 13-23
    4. As of today January 29 it is issue #172
    5. I will say Billybob- Rsnail
    6. The party hat
    7. 10-11 now
    8. 😀
    9. $29.95
    10. The Shamrock Pin

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