On Holiday

I’m on my long anticipated adventure holiday at last! Of course, there are no computers available where I’m going- this is a timered post! But I bet I’m still on a gruelingly long coach journey- that’s how the first day of most school residential trips is spent- but I might be enjoying myself doing fun activities, such as cayaking and gorge walking! My point is, I have no idea where I might currently be! Lol!

Hope you are all having a fantastic Monday- some of you will be on summer break, or whatever you call it, so I hope you’re all having a great time!

Oh yeah, and just a heads up: the long anticipated new features in Club Penguin should be coming out this week! So look forward to that!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. Geese your on vacation a lot!

  2. Before you leave can you please check out my ultimate games play awsome games page ! plz bodge!

  3. srry i havent replied to this comment. The comment went to my e-mail then into spam. Nice Reddy is my internet friends.

  4. You have Mircrosoft 2000?

  5. if u add me as an adminastrator then i will make videos with u and me in them like missions and songs and ill get u custom css
    if u want to my e-mail is:

  6. lol soz sarg- id already left by that point!

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