New Features At Last

Finally, after several months of excited anticipation, the new features have arrived! And let me tell you… There’s lots of them (more than we thought), and they’re fantastic… Well… all but one, in my opinion- but you might disagree.

The first new feature you’ll notice is the new login and server selection. If you had penguins or passwords saved onto your computer, I’m afraid you’ll have to resave them. A pain, I know, but easily tolerable! Anyway, here’s what it looks like:

The green is a little putrid, if you ask me; and that is the only thing I have found wrong with this feature. If they’d’ve kept the old ‘faces’ thing, I would have preferred it: the green lines are just ugly! If you click ‘more servers,’ it shows you all the servers in alphabetical order. So it looks like there is no longer servers for different countries.

This could make a lot of the front page servers more popular, and maybe diminish the popularity of ones low down in the alphabet such as Mammoth. We’ll have to wait and see!

Probably the second one you’ll notice once you’re logged on is the new Penguin Mail system, which is a lot different to the old postcard system.

The first bit of mail you get will be an introductory message, from which you can recieve your free blue mailbag:

Now, of course, for one of the most anticipated of all the new features: the new clothes selection! It is much the same as the mods said it would be like:

When you open up your player card, the clothes will fade in.

Now for a small, but reasonably noticable one: the spyphone above the map (only for agents). The mods probably realised no-one used the spyphone when it was stuck in their player card- the map was easier- so they moved it! And I have to say- it looks good where it is:

Now for the new igloo setting- it’s much easier to see from a non-member’s igloo (ignore the puffles- they’re mine and it’s some sort of glitch):

If you open up the ‘Member’s Igloos’ section on the map, it doesn’t just show you a list anymore:

If you hover your mouse over a picture of an igloo, it will tell you who’s it is.

There is a tiny little change wit hteh fund button on a friend’s player card- it is now a question mark:

Finally, there have been various changes to the igloo edit options on the right side of your igloo screen.

One is very small: as a post to ‘open’ and ‘close’ igloo when you click the padlock, it now says ‘lock’ and ‘unlock.’

Another is also small, but more noticable:

They’ve replaced the ‘stop edit’ button with a ‘save’ button!

They’ve changed the background while you’re editing to a weird grid thing:

They’ve scrapped the old ‘organised’ storage (thank goodness) and adopted something similar to the new clothes selection:

And they’ve scrapped the entire old design of the storage, to be replaced with a ‘cleaner’ (uglier) design:

Well, I think that’s finally it! Wow- that’s a lot of new features (other than a few small changes to text size and font here and there)- looks like Disney’s trying to change a lot! Sorry this post is so long- but if you think reading it took a long time, imagine what it would be like for me writing it! Well, I’m worn out after writing this post, but I’m glad all the new features came at last! Does this mean CPIP is over?

Until next time…
Waddle on!

P.S. If you’re wondering how I had enough time to write all this, I have a day of school today and tomorrow because of a ‘Unison’ strike! YES!


3 Responses

  1. cp wont let us play ice hockey! thats why im mad

  2. OMG! Thats so unfair to you!! Well not really! I go to a private school where you have to pay… It doesnt have insect days so I break up a week befor eyou !! But its kind of not good because none of my friends in my street can come out… 😦 But that means more quality time with my computers!!

  3. I break up about 2 weeks before because my school is a boarding school. Whoo summer! Also we have 2 weeks for the October half term which is lucky because my birthday falls then.

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