New Pin

A new pin came out today- and they’re keeping with the music theme; it’s a Treble Clef pin and is hidden in the Cave (pool):

It looks good with the sheet music background!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


10 Responses

  1. My puffles have finally returned!!!! YES!!! FInally, and I got to feed them. Plus on one of Billybob’s posts on the what’s new blog, someone commemnted where exactly the same thing happened to them!!! SO I wasn’t the only one! But I kinda miss Undefined………lol only kidding! Lolz!!!

  2. that’s why i had no puffles!
    p.s. now i have a black one named lil reddy!


  4. bodge i was going to comment on the qwestion and awnser page but i figured i comment here

    how did you get soo many hits??? i have been useing tags and lots of other stuff i post more to and i got new widgets i need to get more hits do you know how i can??

  5. Over time I’m guessing. But that is a good question……..

  6. just keep doing what your doing, and wait a while so people can get to kno about u! also try to make lots of friends (as u already hav)

  7. i think it really helped that me cali aqua and bodge started at the same time and became friends really early before we got to far away in hits i can guarentee that if we weren’t friends then we would only have like 10,000 hits each

  8. we kind of like shared fans and when i made a friend (like aussie) then bodge would have him as a friend too!

  9. Cool i guess ill keep on working to 100000 like it says on my hits 🙂

  10. bodge are u going to enter the contest on cp7 also cp7 got a new worker

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