New Story

A few days ago, I released the final installment of my ‘Bodge’s Band’ trilogy, which started with Rockin’ With The Rythm, followed by The Rock Show and finally, Show’s Over (my newest one). They’re all well worth a read, and I’ve been told they’re some of my funniest stories of all!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



3 Responses

  1. hey bodge at cp7 it talks about the ninjas!. it also posts it at apengbombers, zeno limes, and sargent lukes

  2. Hey Bodge! Its sliperslidin! i just met u in the Dojo on Frozen. Remember? i said i have a page. well… u cant search me and get it. i share it with a friend. its plz visit! im gonna put u on my blogroll!

  3. hey bodge great job with hits!! Also check out Chinsetakout TV episode 1 at

    -thanks Chinsetakout

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