A few days ago, my friend The Source00 spotted some mysterious black penguins, walking on the walls of the Dojo and HQ. Are these ninjas? Lets look at the pictures:

Technically, I suppose they are ninjas; seeing as what we think of as a ninja is a black penguin who can walk on walls, right? However, real Club Penguin ninjas don’t exist- they are merely hacks. How anyone could be bothered to waste their time tricking a few kids into thinking Club Penguin ninjas are real, I don’t know- but it is definately not moderator-organised.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


21 Responses

  1. Yeah I saw a ninja too. I think I posted about him on my site.

  2. i posted them on cp7. also will you please add to one of your blog rolls

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  6. I doubt it, there’s just a lot of glitches they haven’t yet fixed. I heard they were realesing them in late june, but since they haven’t done that, they might hold it off until late july or early August… visit today!!!

  7. ninjas are not real. it turns out that ninjas are just hackers or glitchers. seeing as walk on walls glitch was fixed they are most likely hackers. i have an account called ninja but i just use that for a good laugh.

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  9. hey could u please add cp7 to your blog roll and check out the new header on it!

  10. wow that is really weird. I dont think those are hackers though

  11. I saw a ninja too! OMG! He was awesome. He had the black sheild around his eyes and the black ninja belt. I knew he was one. Im becoming one in Nov.

  12. I saw 4 ninjas 8 days ago in server Blizzard in town..
    The 4 ninja names was:Skynet1,Skynet 1,Skynet 2,
    and Skynet 2! Its sooo wierd! I heard them saying:
    We crashed on Blizzard and Mammoth server that day,
    and penguins were screaming to death because they
    thought that it was the end of server Blizzard!

    Did those Ninjas MUTIPLY??????

  13. They are not ninjas they are bots

  14. Wow awesome!And nice hits!I wish i have so many hits so far!

  15. So much for not being nieve! just got back from ferari briving (I was in a 360 spider)

  16. oph come on kimi! did u not even read the post?????? i keep repeating that theyre not ninjas! geez!

  17. and didn’t u read the comment? u have only replied to half of it! sigh

  18. also it should say driving not briving

  19. i cudnt think of much to say about the second part!

  20. i saw him i saw dojoatack (i dont know the number) but he was with a guy named ninja and they were walking in the pathways from the town to the dock and snowforts. another time i saw a ninja named strikeball1 he was walking all over the town and the dojo and HES MY BUDDY! im not lieing i promise

    by the way this is a sweet website

  21. oh i saw this all on yukan they said they were going to crash the server

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