Music Jam ’08 & New Game

The long anticipated Music Jam ’08 is here at last- and let me tell you- it’s even better than we expected! Nearly every room is filled with awesome music decorations and surprises, and, aside from the two free items, which I’ll say about soon, there are clothes to buy, including the return of the mighty orchestra instruments! Anyway, the free items!

The Music Jam T-Shirt is available at the Plaza:

The Maracas (the old ones- not the festive ones) can be found at the Cove:

Two pretty awesome additions to any costume, member or non-member! There are two other mini-catalogues- one’s at the Snow Forts, for souvenirs and the other is at the Dock, behind the VIP door.

Shirts Rock is a souvenir stand at the Snow Forts:

If you don’t buy a backstage pass, you won’t be able to access the secret ‘backstage’ party room at the Dock:

Go to the area in the red circle on the picture above to open up the Music Catalogue:

There is one secret item in teh Music Catalogue, the Red Electric Guitar. Click on the dot of the ‘i’ in ‘Music.’

The decorations at the Dock are meant to change every day, according to the paper- does this mean that the Backstage room will change every day also? Just in case, I would say that you shouldn’t dilly-dally with getting those rare musical items!

Every room in the party is worth a look- a vehicle has smashed itself through the wall in the Pizza Parlour; there’s an Icicle Instrument in the Mine and the Club Penguin Band are playing at the Iceberg. But the best thing about the party is… the new game! It’s called DJ3K, and if you enjoy mixing tunes, as I do, it is certainly the game for you. It isn’t that well paid, and I think you get paid for how long you play. You have to walk up to the headphones at the DJ table to play. They’re quite hard to see in the dark, but they’re on the left hand side of the equipment. Here’s what the game looks like:

Your penguin goes through four different stages that tell you how well you’re doing.
1. Still. Before you have a riff (a repeated pattern) or before you have any music at all.

2. Head nodding. One-two riffs (not including buttons 3,4,5 or 6).

3. Little jig. Button number 6 on it’s own, two riffs including buttons 3,4 or 5. Three riffs not already specified.

4. Top of the set! Moshing and cheering. Two riffs inc. button no. 6, 4 riffs including 3,4 or 5, or 5+ riffs not already specified.

I hope this guide to teh new game is useful to you- believe me- it took a lot more time to write, research and get pictures for this guide than it probably took you to read it! Enjoy the party!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


9 Responses

  1. umm! the backstage passes and shirts are members only

  2. Hi Bodge this is Kaneos

    Thanks for looking after my blog while I was away but now it’s time to sort out whether you want a permanent place on my blog or not. Please leave your reply onn my latest post.

  3. Ok, i will add u Bodge 101 but there is a glitch. Now you get to have more buddys but now you can only have 100. I have way over a hundred.

  4. So when I try to add people it says “Sorry, you can only have 100 buddies…”

  5. go to apenguins site. theres a contest.

  6. hey! cool header.. 😀 cool post.
    dont u think it is cool having a members room? The last members party was the cove and my membership ran out just before and i got it just after 😦 woop woop. im a bit disappointed coz the red guitar was rare and the black wasnt and now the red guitar has come back! And isnt it cool you get the pass as a neck item to keep forever? i think so!


    How do i get perma banned coz my other pengy has been and now i want to find out who it was so im looking for clues.. How Dya Get Perma-Banned ?

  7. i think it’s three bans or a ban for hacking- but im not sure!

  8. ive hacked once. it isnt fun. im not banned forever. And whered u get the word Permabanned? Are u part of the cp miniclip forums?

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