The Crazy Penguin

People have been asking me for a while for an actual picture of the Crazy Penguin which features in many of my short stories, and although I hope my descriptions are good enough for you to imagine what he looks like, it’s not the same as an image! So I made an edit of a normal penguin today to make him crazy-penguin-ish, following the descriptions in my stories.

You can work out what the brown stuff is… Lol! Joking it’s only mud! Look out for the Crazy Penguin in my short stories, a full list can be found on my sidebar.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


12 Responses

  1. Crazy penguin looks cool

  2. thnx lol

  3. In 64 days I will be a year old!!!! Hooray!!!

  4. yey for u interiordes!

  5. crazy penguin looks like hes been made on paint 😦

  6. lol that’s so funny wow over 70,00 hits you wil be famous in no time

  7. probably cos he was! made on paint! lol! yup im a cheapscate lol! and thnx mowloft!

  8. Thank you!!!! I will probably not have a party though. Hey Bodge when will yur next party be I am missing your partys!!

  9. Ok so I have worked out that I will be 1 year old on the 1st October (I think, I have never been that good at maths). Remember that!!!!

  10. 75000 hits so in about a week or so hopefully

  11. Hey dude cool cheat’s and blog click here to see mine

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