Music Jam ’08 Funny Pics

As I like to do with every party, I’ve made a variety of funny pics from the Music Jam! I don’t think they’re all as good as usual- it’s quite hard with a music theme! But anyway, here they are:

Mmmmm! Jam and toast!

Ahhh! A talking cactus (there’s too many of them about these days)!

Aaaaaaah! Help me! I’m a tourist!

Don’t hit me!

You wouldn’t hit a guy with glasses!

They did!

That’s all I could think of! Please tell me what you thought of them!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


14 Responses

  1. funny when they hit u aye patch needed

  2. go to to see the sneak peek for Chinsetakout TV episode 2!!


  3. hahahahaha, those pictures are hilarious

  4. AWESOME!!!! Those are funny!


  5. hey bodge can u tag me? the tags i made are the source00 and the source00 cp. oh and check out my site


  7. thnx everyone! my fave was the eyepatch one too!

  8. Those were so funny!! By the way go to

  9. Hey Bodge I added the Languages too cuz I’ve been meaning to do that for like months but you reminded me too, so ya
    Also a pretty good percent of americans speak spanish! (and my neighbors speak russian so i added that too!)

  10. Hey, how do u add translations?

  11. Fantastic

    Hey Bodge I’m deleting my blog soon may I join your blog as a contributor or editor plz

  12. Oh and I’ve made a clubpenguin myths video that’s on my blog now and thanks for your help with my blog

  13. lol bodge u rock

  14. hey! love the site
    please visit my site

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