New Pin, Western Return & Rockhopper In Telescope

A new pin came out today! It’s yet another music themed one (which makes it (I think) the third music-related pin ever), this time a Vinyl Record. You can find it at the Dance Club underneath the Green Puffle.

The Western music theme returned to the Dock today, as I predicted- they’re returning the themes in the SAME ORDER! And they never even used the Easy Island Music theme!

Tomorrow it will be the Sparkle-Rock theme again, so if you’re a fan of that theme, check out the Dock again tomorrow!

And now, onto the final bit of news in this post, Rockhopper is visible from the Beacon telescope! It seems like only yesterday we first got wind of his return (lol- because it was). He’ll probably be here by next Friday.
Until next time…
Waddle on!


11 Responses

  1. Bodge may I become a contributor on your blog

  2. its the fourth musical pin… the music note the microphone, the trebleclef and the dj disk thing

  3. sorry im the only mod on this blog

  4. I know a really good cheat if you want it, on the pizzatron game there is a big red lever at the bottom before you actually syart playing it. click on it. when you play the game you will play with chocolate sauce, pink icing, liqorice, chocolate drops, marshmallows and jelly beans! NOT FAKE AT ALL! You get double the money aswell for finding ou the cheat!

  5. Bodge can you please addvertize my site !! i rarely get a comment a day and im looseing hits i need your help !

  6. I MET PETEY K!!!!! AND HE SAID THANK YOU GREATLY TO ME!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! WOO I AM SO EXCITED!!!! he left now but at least he said thank you greatly to me!!! I also met Heatblast227!!! OH WHAT A DAY!!!!!!
    He he he 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    He also said that his igloo is a disaster lol and it needs a clean lol what a joker!!!!

  7. and
    i no you dont like me advirtesing but my friends made sites!

  8. hi bodge im commenting on your spanish version lol!

  9. hi bodge

  10. bodge can u add jayman and oatmans sites to your blog roll their on yours.

  11. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

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