Aqua Grabber New Level Sneak Peek

The new level for Aqua Grabber comes out soon- and, looking at the sneak peeks the mods have released, it’s gonna be awesome! We will be able to explore further than ever before and meet new Club Penguin wildlife! Here’s a sneak peek:

What is that strange creature? Some sort of spiky aquatic puffle? A puffer fish? An alien from the planet Zog? Who knows? We will, on Friday!

I also have some sneak peeks of what the music will (most likely) be- well, not so much sneak peeks as FULL SOUND TRACKS (found by Nice Reddy)!
This music isn’t used in any games, rooms or anywhere else like that on Club Penguin already, so I think they must be from the new level- they certainly sound game-y! What do you think?

Remember to check out the new level on Friday!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


8 Responses

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    -The Source

  2. Hey nice site. Now come over to mine to compete for a 612 day old penguin. Here is the link

  3. u didn’t ask if you could use it GRrrrr :angry: lol just kidding! I don’t care

  4. hey Bodge…try the new game….its really hard,
    Adam got to level 5
    lolli and rynozodiac

  5. hey dude been so caught with oatman and everything at my blog forgot to check it out here the aqua grabber leavle came out it’s impossible well bye.

  6. um did u stop visiting my site or something

  7. hey bodge i was just wondering what server you go on because i never see you on cp and i want to meet you sometime on it


  8. Okay, the first one is from The Penguin Games in 2008. The second one is completely unknown.

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