New Newspaper & New Aqua Grabber Level

Thursday again today- and you know what that means- new newspaper! This week’s paper is actually very interesting- it seems like the mods are piling the activities on during the holidays (the English ones, anyway)!

Todays top stories are:

“What The Critics Are Saying,” which is about what “we” think about the party:

“Stronger. Faster. Greater.” Which is about the Penguin Games (Club Penguin Olympics in other words) coming very soon to Club Penguin! I, personally, can’t wait; I want to see whether it’ll just be a party, or whether there’ll be games (maybe multiplayer) and awards too!

“Calling All Scavenger Hunters,” which is about a hunt, starting tomorrow, to find the pieces of a design for a ship igloo a (rather stupid) penguin made a paper boat out of. I’m hoping we will get to keep the blueprints as an award- like in mission 6! Or maybe another free thing!

And, finally, “Team Blue Needs You,” which is about the sequel of “Team Blue’s Rally Debut” (notice the rhyming couplet). It comes out tomorrow so check it out!

This week’s In Focus is about Jet Pack Adventure- so it looks like they’ll be able to keep that feature up for quite a while now if they’ve resorted to games! The Aunt Arctic questions this week are quite interesting: “Chaserace,” which is about there being no cars in Club Penguin (I think there should be too) and “Vintage Vinnie,” which is about the oldest Club Penguin game. This week there is another “Puffle-So-Cut-O” as the puzzle, and only two jokes- but four riddles! This week there was no “Reviewed By You” section- maybe the “Tips & Secrets” section caused such an uproar that no-one submitted anything? Here’s the upcoming events:

In other news: the new Aqua Grabber level was released a few days ago! It’s fairly hard, but I’m sure you Aqua Grabber experts will find it easy!

Finally, my 75,000 Hits Party will be next Saturday (the 16th) starting at my igloo on Matterhorn server. More details during the coming week!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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  1. Cool Love The Site Could You Add Me Please


  2. alright bodge, your term of admin has oficialy begun! (I need u to post about the stuff that is happening 2day as I wont have time)

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