Scavenger Hunt, Rockhopper Returns & New Play

A lot has happened today on Club Penguin: Rockhopper has returned for his August visit; a scavenger hunt has begun to find the pieces of a missing blueprint and Team Blue Rally 2 has made it’s debut performance at the Stage- but this is only the beginning of a month packed with Club Penguin fun!

First of all, the Scavenger Hunt! It’s basically like the Easter one and the Hallowe’en one; theres a “basket” next to the moderator “M” and the clues to find the stuff are inside it. They’re fairly easy clues really!

Below are the clues and the locations of the boats. If you don’t want to know where they’re hidden, DO NOT READ!

Clue 1: On your boat quest make a start, to somewhere you can ride a cart.

The Mine Shack

Clue 2: Surfers have to stay afloat, if they want to find this boat.

The Cove

Clue 3: In a shop where beans are ground, you will find a boat floating around.

The Coffee Shop

Clue 4: On snowy shores among the rocks, is where this missing boat is docked.

The Beach

Clue 5: Below the street is where it’s found, so head downstairs and swim around.

The Cave

Clue 6: Poor Rory is in quite a kerfuffle, look for this boat near a puffle.

The Pet Shop

Clue 7: You’re nearly there, so don’t you stop! You’ll find this boat where penguins hop.

The Dock

Clue 8: If this boat were made of brick, it might get this place to tip.

The Iceberg

When you have all the boats, click the “Build the blueprint” button:

The boats will be made into jigsaw pieces. Here’s what the completed jigsaw looks like:

When you’ve completed it, you get a letter from Rory the construction penguin:

If you click the “claim prize” button you get a free blueprints background:

I think there should have been a paper boat pin but a background’s good too!

Now, onto the second part of the post; Rockhopper’s return to the island! Here’s a picture of the Rare Items Catalogue. Click on the Ship’s Wheel for the Life Ring (yes, that’s right, a secret item):

The Brown Pirate’s Boots are the first free feet item in well over a year!

Team Blue’s Rally 2 was released today, and I must say it’s a pretty good play! I like the way that snowballs turn to dodgeballs when you throw them! No switchbox though!

The catalogue and script are pretty good; the script is the longest ever (14 pages) and the catalogue has a whistle in! Check them out!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


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