75,000 Hits Party Invitation

My 75,000 Hits Party is this Sunday! We’re gonna have a great time: dancing, eating cake, sledding and much more, and- the icing on the cake (just an expression)- the whole party is going to be filmed by a mystery guest (probably Chinsetakout 😆 ). Here’s your invitation:

In case you can’t read it, here’s what it says:
Bodge101’s 75,000 Hits Party
When: Sunday 17th at 10:30am PST
Where: Matterhorn (the party server) starting at Bodge101’s igloo on the map.
Who: Anyone and everyone can come!
Why: 75,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How: Waddle over to my igloo!
The party will be pirate-themed. There will be a costume contest and we will play lots of games of Sled-Racing, Find Four and Hockey, along with the usual dancing and cake eating! The whole party will be filmed and put on my site and Youtube! Don’t miss it!

Until next time…
Waddle on!


19 Responses

  1. This is gonna be GREAT!!!! I remember your 5,000 hits party. Seemed like just yesterday! I suppose time flys when we’re having fun…

  2. hey bogde it maquanstar from kaneos’s site the party sounds like fun ill try to be there.

  3. Hi Bodge great to see you’re doing so well and I’ll do my best to be at your party. I recently joined a blog called http://www.woton1.wordpress.com and I was hopeing you could leave a good comment on my first post.



    P.S I’m just back from another holiday.

  4. hey i cant make that you should probably try to find someone else to record it. I hope the party turns out good 🙂


  5. oh wait oh im not sure can you try to get a backup just incase i cant make it cause im not sure :/ thanks


    oh ps. if you ever decide to put more music vids on your music channel i have some like rockstar and bohemian rhapsody

  6. i will try really hard to get there

  7. hey ill try to come!
    cool site
    can u check out mine? http://doggiking.wordpress.com
    and can u enter my contest? that would be great!

  8. I’ll be there i promise congrats bodge you really do work hard a this site.

  9. cool but u should have made it a 80,000 hits party lol ill be there!

  10. Cool! And congrats on getting 80,00 hits! How do you get so much hits in a day? Please comment on my site!


  11. Hey Bodge, I was wondering if you would like a band to play at your party. If you don’t want a band, just respond saying no. But if you would like a band to play at your party we would be happy to come. We are called The Amigos Band. Here is our website : http://www.theamigosband.wordpress.com

  12. Ill be there! Ill log on earlier so its not full!! Oh and its has been some time since I comment on your site but I always visit it! This party will rock!


    PS visit http://coins4u.wordpress.com to get now 25,000 coins everyday for the time u want!!

  13. i did hav a few back-up people in mind chinse- so ill ask them! u can still video if ure there tho!

  14. sweet!!!! I can’t go to the party cause I’m gonna be in Kennywood!!! you should have a second one for ppl who couldnt come!!!!!

  15. ill try to make it!

  16. Hello Bodge
    My penguin over 800 days old
    And I want to join this site because I am old and I have cools ideas for it.
    I will meet you at party or erlalier if you want proofs
    E-Mail me if you want something

  17. im so there but what should i wear

  18. sorry bioe- i prefer to be the only admin on this site- that way i know exactly what’s posted and what standard it’s at. sorry!

  19. omg im so sorry i couldnt make it i was at my friends house so im going to be at your other party i promise

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