Olympic Igloo Tribute, New Funny Pics & Party Cancellation?

I’m a keen supporter of the Beijing Olympics- team GB- obviously! I’ve followed the Games right from the opening ceremony! So I did as all penguins would, decorated my igloo- Olympic style!

Earlier this week, I made some major updates to my Funny Pics page: I added some new, never seem before pics, and I added in all my party funny pics from the Medieval Party, Water Party and the Music Jam. Check it out!

Finally, and possibly most importantly, I’m experiencing quite a few problems with Club Penguin at the moment, so that it won’t load up. It’s mainly just my computer, and I’ve tried erasing some files and clearing my cache, but my main account is practically inaccessible, for now at least. Bodge102 still works mostly, so, unless this predicament is solved by tomorrow morning, the party might have to be relocated from my igloo, or maybe even cancelled entirely!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



6 Responses

  1. Hey bodge can you post some new stuff on my site i got to go some where thanks

  2. Nooooooo!!!!! If u cancel it I will be borrrrrrred tomorow
    😦 Oh well I suppose if you have to cancel it, it will be for the best………

  3. hey bodge im quitting go to cp7

  4. ya 12:00 pm pst is good for me that 3:00 pm so ok matterhorn just what day?


  5. hey bodge! i was wondering how you get ur header to change pics like it does, and so does chinesetakeout’s site. is it something with CSS? if so can you give me the code for it?

  6. no its not css- its an animation i made using unfreez

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