New Vid Channel

I’ve made a new channel for my Club Penguin TV Channels: the Comedy Channel! Packed full of hilarious videos from some of Club Penguin’s best comedians, including Chinsetakout and theflame12! Check it out- you’ll laugh your socks off! If you think you know another vid that should be on there, don’t hesitate to ask for it! I’ll check it for bad language and stuff and it’ll be put on the channel (providing it passes the tests). Click here to see all my channels!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


8 Responses

  1. OMGGGG BODGE!!!!!!!!!
    I AM TRYING YOU TO ANSWEAR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Email me I can’t write evrything here

  2. tell me the question and ill tell u the answer!

  3. I want to join you!
    you know manage the site
    I ahve cools ideas wich can be very cool and will help the site grow
    I am an old penguin
    today my penguin is over 800 days old
    I got the second pin

    I can help the site!
    also I am from Israel and I know CP very poupular in Israel so I can help with Hebrew site or something

    BTW the tracker not working

  4. hey cool thanks for making the comedy channel also pray for eagles770 his sister told me he got hit by a car 😦


  5. 😥 i didnt know him- what’s his site? 😥 and did he survive?

  6. also bioe i prefer t obe the only admin- that way i know what content is being put onto the site and what standard it’s at. btw do you even have a wordpress account? if u do i can recommend you for another site…

  7. i think i have
    But i realy liked yours site!
    Please e mail me
    I have good ideas!
    Just e mail me things will be more clear

  8. hello it is me Eagles770 i did survive with a few bruises and memory loss but i am better now

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