The Penguin Games

As the close of the Beijing Olympics draws near, the Penguin Games begin, bringing with it fantastic decorations and a chance for all penguin athletes to show what they’re made of! There are three free items and, as expected, they are a Gold Medal and the Red and Blue Facepaints:

The Red Facepaints are in the Coffee Shop:

The Blue Facepaints are in the Pizza Parlour:


To get the Gold Medal, you have to complete the three sporting events across the island: the marathon (starting at the Ski Village), the three lap race (at the Ice Berg) and the freestyle swimming (the Cave). None of them are particularly hard, although you have to make sure you stop at the lights otherwise it won’t count- take extra special care in the Marathon. Also, you have to start at the start line, otherwise it doesn’t count it at all.

Once you have completed all the events, click on the medal next to the Mods’ Symbol and select ‘Claim Prize.’ If you are a member you may want to check out the Ice Rink- it’s changed into a football pitch! Why they couldn’t make this available for non-members too, I don’t know. But you can still play hockey at a special party room next to the Rink!

In other news: Kimi 07 has agreed to getting the party items for my penguin, as I can’t access it at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be able to go back on again soon… Hopefully…

Until next time…

Waddle on!



10 Responses

  1. ive added you as an admin to zebrahorses site and cp7 so you can add the widgets. also add your best pages widget here and get it at http clubpenguinseven wordpress com

  2. Bodhge check out my vids page on cp aces. Also I’m gonna have a judo contest at the dojo.


  3. Ok Bodge this is my last comment until Monday. I know I said in another comment about my charger breaking but the person who’s laptop I am using now is staying longer than I thought, but they are going back in a couple of hours and they are packing now. So bye!!! See you soon!

  4. Woah I have some work at my site dude! I got a penguin 956,972 coins! Im going for the million…and there are about other 10 penguins to get coins to! Its a hard job but I

  5. BUT lol I accidentally clicked the submit comment button. but I fly through cart Surfer (I know a secret, its not the game that gets u most coins Cart Surfer just that nobody knows what that game is but me!) ah…It feels good to have secret info lol.

    Oh and if ur another person thats not Bodge check out my site!!

  6. Bodge
    I started something I want you to join it that way it will grow fast
    enter my blog

  7. Hi bodge! I got u the items and culd u plz post about the png games on my site :mrgreen:

  8. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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