A “Ninja” A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Everyday this week, I’ve seen a ninja (a penguin walking on walls- usually on top of the Night Club), or a copybot, or some other strange kind of penguin on Frozen server.

“Why are they here?” and “How do they do it?” are just some of the questions we ask ourselves. I think we can safely say these are hackers, making bots that copy what people are saying (copybots) and wearing black and hacking so they can walk on walls. I know I say this every time I mention hackers, but DON’T HACK! It’s not right! If penguins were meant to walk on walls, they’d have been born with suction cups on their feet :mrgreen: and if they were meant to copy everything we say, it’d be called Club Parrot! So, anyway, if you want to see a spectacle- a penguin copying everything you say and sitting on top of the Night Club- head on over to Frozen server!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


5 Responses

  1. i know how to get the black mask,you had to be there at the first day of club penguin

  2. read this post to get info about contest winners you may have won!!

  3. please add me to your blog roll i have 49,000 hits is that good enough?

    Bodge101: What’s your site called?

  4. and i added you to my blogroll

  5. my site is called well heres the link lol


    if it says page not found click on my home it lies about it and theres over 50 pages =) please add it


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