Penguin Games Funny Pics

As I do for every party, I’ve created some funny pics of the Penguin Games! I don’t have unusual costumes this time, seeing as my member account isn’t working, so I had to make do with what Bodge102 had in his inventory.

I love fresh ground coffee!



Looks like the Hockey Fund’s gone bust!

They’ll be up on the Funny Pics page as soon as the party is finished, which should be tomorrow! Please tell me what you thought of them!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



11 Responses

  1. Ha ha lol I liked the ‘go’ one. Its so funny ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!

  2. um remember when you asked about the music group thingy?? Well, YES I CAN DO IT!! I have an registered hyper cam 2 anyways…..

    ~Slider 466~

  3. bodge it’s awesome that you are makin a music video group. if u are reccomending us(and i see u said that same comment to almost everyone) then u should see some of our music videos. just go to

  4. im thinking of having a poll over who should be the recorder

  5. aussie records and so does slider466. (chinsetakout prefers to do vids by himself) i can put yt vids into kids tube. but im in a productions

  6. but you cant just not do anything or the productions will end over someone doing too much work and someone doing none

  7. im writing scripts

  8. and making the sets in my igloo (once bodge101 is working again)

  9. Um what are you talking about Bodge?? Are you going to make a music video??

    I liked it

  11. well, videos, and not neccessarily music…

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