New Newspaper

A new issue of the Club penguin Times came out today- issue #150! Here are the headlines:

“Rookie” and Rory review the Penguin Games in “The Penguin Games: Closing Ceremonies”

And the Penguin Times Celebrates it’s 150th issue in “Happy 150 Club Penguin Times.”

We take another waddle down memory lane in In Focus:

The Aunt Arctic questions are “Puffle Walker”, who asks why we can’t walk more than one puffle at once and “Fashion Frenzy”, who asks what’s in fashion.

This week’s “Tips And Secrets” is about Penguin Artists:

And this week’s “Reviewed By You” reviews the Penguin Times:

There is also a wordsearch and usual jokes, riddles, comics and poems, and, finally, the events:

What a great issue! I think they could have tried a bit harder with the 150 issue celebration though!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Hello Bodge! Its weird because in the wordsearch one of the words is football instead of soccer. And you would expect it to be American Football but its not because soccer isn’t another word on there and the picture is of someone playing football(soccer)! And they didnt put anything in the newspaper about the football pitch!! What a weird issue!

  2. BODGE!!!!!
    I started a new blog! my own I hope you don’t care about that I am taking you’re pictures I am giving thanks on each one of theme!
    anyway you should go visit it
    btw add me to blog roll please ; )
    and I found in news something you havn’t =P

  3. the whole closing ceramony is horrible. they dont saw who won (so feelings dont get hurt) and rory isnt funny.

  4. Hey Bodge did you see the bit about ninjas in the paper aand also my blog has this theme and some cool widgets now

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