New Furniture Catalogue, Secret Items & New Pin

Hi everyone! A new pin came out today, it’s hidden in the Boiler Room and is a Golden newspaper:

A new furniture catalogue also came out today! I don’t think there is any new stuff, but there is the return of many very old items, stuff that we haven’t seen in CP for over two years!

This month there are only two secret items:

Click on the Lava Lamp to find the Blender:

Click on the piano keys for the Guitar Stand:

Until next time…
Waddle on!


10 Responses

  1. You have put about the pin twice

  2. I know just what I was thinking! By the way Bodge and Kimi you are both admins on my site 🙂

  3. Cool thanks
    and yeah lol pin twice xD
    Oh and you will make 100k hits patry right?
    listen I hope you will get 100hits in 20 days cuz more 20 days exatly I am 900 dyas old!!!! yeah!!!

  4. oh yeah lol! sorry! also im 500 days old soon bioe so it might be my 100,000 hits and 500 days party!

  5. i swapped them over and forgot to delete the other one!

  6. Bodge we should make 500 900 and 100k hits togther!!! that will be great man!

  7. BODGE! KIMI! ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE AN ADMIN ON MY SITE! Go to to find out why Bodge and Kimi are admins, read the bottom of the ‘New Pin and New Furniture Catalog’ post and comment below if you want to be an admin and I will check out ur site and say if u can or cant.

  8. I dont think that last comment worked so here it is again……… BODGE! KIMI! ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BE AN ADMIN ON MY SITE! Go to my site now and read the bottom of the New Pin and New Furniture catalog post plz!!!

  9. 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! I’M 365 DAYS OLD! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! Yeah my old calculations were SO wrong!! I AM 1!!!

  10. Great post. The new pin is ok, not the best.

    P.S. Nice site.


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