Awesome Club Penguin Coin Glitch

Update: The glitch no longer works. It comes up with a warning message and automatically logs you off the server! They’ve let us keep all the money though 😀 !
Update: According to Mimo777, you will get banned from using it a lot- so don’t use it until it is safe! For now we can only sit tight and hope that we who did use it a lot will not get banned! Otherwise it might be the biggest mass-banning in Club Penguin history! BEWARE!

Hi guys! A new glitch has been discovered today, a glitch which can get you 1,000,000 coins without hacking! It is possibly the greatest discovery on Club Penguin EVER! Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to a safechat server.

2. Go to the game DJ3K.

3. When the message pops up that says “Would you like to play DJ3K” don’t click anything.

4. Press the tab button on your keyboard until the yellow is squared around the igloo icon on your sidebar at the bottom.

5. Press enter once the yellow is squared around the igloo icon.

6. Once at your igloo, you will have the same message “Would you like to play DJ3K.” Click “Yes.”

7. Now you will be in the game. Next, press the tab button once again on your keyboard until the yellow is squared around the X out button on the top right.

8. Keep pressing the enter button on your keyboard (or return for mac users) and you can go all the way up to 1 million.

9. Once you’re happy with how much coins you’ve got, simply click the log off button on the top bar when you are playing and you will have your coins saved!

I hope you like this as much as I do! Use it fast though: I’m sure the moderators will discover it and do something about it!

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Glitch found by Bike Boy93


26 Responses

  1. The penguin times is more read than some US papers! check it out at my site!

  2. uhhh kimi… did you even read the post? ITS AWESOME!

  3. yeah lol

  4. Of corse i read it ! I even tried it out and u have posted a very slow way of doing it. (U can just click X you don’t need to fuss around then enter and everyting)

  5. Soz I dont know what the tab key is could u tell me? I have an old mac!

  6. Bodge please keep being active on my site I have 5 posts and no comments T_T =(

  7. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I COULD BUY EVERYTHING

  8. the point of the neter pressing is so you can do it faster! also tab is the one like this:
    above caps lock

  9. I used it and If i get banned one more time its forever!!!
    Bodge101: Don’t curse please Aussie! And I’m not sure whether we’ll get banned or not: it’s Monday morning and I’m not banned yet… You didn’t go all the way to 1,000,000 did you?

  10. Umm ok first of all I didnt curse. and second of all i did go to 1 million coins.

  11. Oh Bodge?? I’m going to a camp this week with my class and I need someone to Post and stuff. So I think I will ad you to admin for a while (possibly forever). Also when I add you can you try to get me more hits??? Becuase you get like A LOT in a day.


  12. It did not work for me but maybe thats because right now I am using a mac computer. OH WELL!

  13. No its not working becuase Cp Fixed it!

  14. This is just great! if Cp decides to bann everyone who used it it could be the worst banning in Cp history! And if I get banned one more time its forever!


  15. ya that’s cos i deleted the curse! and dont worry- they’re letting us all off with a warning!

  16. the last 3 days i have gotten 2,000 hits each day so over 6,000 all together! Comment back! I didnt do the glitch just incase it bans cause one more and its foever for me!


  17. bodge are you going to enter my contest? I would really like it if you did like 10 or so comments 😀 thanks also i entered yours i hope i win!


  18. what’s happend to the flag counter?

  19. hey bodge just saying hi

  20. cp ruins all the fun

  21. it looks like it’s just refreshed itself!

  22. hey i used it 3 times and got 600000 coins will i get banned

  23. does it realy work

  24. it doesnt work 😦 I tried it but it came up ‘Please be carefull what you say and do on Clubpenguin we have automatacly removed you from the server and remember to follow the rules’ WUBBIsh but thanks for the tip ^_^

  25. hey r there anymore coin glitches at all like the dj 1 cause im pretty sure people dont wanna work for the coins!?!?!?!

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