Ninja Find Four & Mancala

Hi guys! Here’s how to play Ninja Find Four or Ninja Mancala. It’s a good trick to play on other people, and will really surprise them! It’s best used when there are quite a few other penguins in the room, otherwise no-one will play, but not too many! Here’s a guide:

1. Log on to any safe-chat server.

2. Go to the Book Room/ Ski Lodge/ Lodge Attic and go to a Find Four/ Mancala table.

3. When the box comes up asking “Would you like this Find Four/ Mancala Game?”, DO NOT say “Yes”, and press tab until the yellow box is over your spyphone, then press enter. Your spyphone should appear.

4. Press tab until the yellow box is over the wheel on the side of your spyphone, then press enter until it reaches the room you want to go to. Then, press tab until the box reaches the teleport button.

5. Press enter and you will appear in the room. Then, at last, click “Yes” and you will be playing the game!

To your opponent it will seem like they’re playing someone invisible! Hope you have fun!

In other news: it’s back to school for me tomorrow 😦

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Ninja Find Four glitch found by Tooly228 and Ninja Mancala glitch found by, your’s truly, Bodge101!