Super Secret Coin Glitch (Brand New)

Earlier this week, we saw the discovery of the best Club Penguin glitch ever, where you could get 1,000,000 coins in a just a minute, and then, less than  24 hours later, the extermination of this glitch. Now though, a new one has been found! Here’s a guide:

1. Go to any server (doesn’t have to safe-chat).

2. Go to Bean Counters.

3. Build up your points till you’re near the end, so you have about two or three thousand points.

4. Press tab until the yellow box gets to the “x”.

5. Hold down enter and  watch your coins skyrocket!

6. When you are done, click “Ok” and you will return to Club Penguin!

I hope you enjoy this glitch, particularly those who didn’t get to try out the other! And remember, keep it quiet 😉 .

Until next time…

Waddle on!


P.S. Glitch origin unknown.


24 Responses

  1. hahaha no way I do that scary thing again!
    I got 300k enugh forever!

  2. ya i got over 200k last time- the 50,000 in the pic is from my test penguin! 😀

  3. ya i hear if u try it now ull get removed from the server!
    phew thank god i couldnt get the yellow box on the “x” lol 😀

  4. hey i told you about this and i kinda found about it give me SOME credit!

  5. and i gots 1000000 coins and when ever i buy something i surf to get it to 100000. its wierd…

  6. it does not work any more. I tried it and it came up with a sign and removed me from the server lol I am missing all of these coin cheats lol!!!

  7. me too i did the old one and the new it did the same for both its freaky



  10. is not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. whats so bad about getting removed form a server? “/ just log bak in?

  12. urgh im banned foreva

  13. bodge this isnt about the cheat but ur account isnt tht old
    and mine is from 2003

  14. oops i meant 2006 lol

  15. so that meens mine is older than yours……

  16. So does this still work?

  17. yay it worked you rock 😉

  18. ya im ssssooooooooo tring it ill let you know if it works!!!

  19. i did that and i didnt get anything besides the money i was suppose to get please help me


  21. that didnt work for me it just ended the game, thanks for wasteing my time

  22. Hmmm… it didnt work 😦 maybe i did it wrong.

  23. sigh

  24. DIDNT WORK!!!!!!

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