New Newspaper

Hi guys! A new newspaper came out today! It is issue #151. Here are the top stories:

“Stage Set For Special Scenery”, which talks about the upcoming play. They’re not saying much, but rumour has it, that the play is about ninjas! There’s certainly some black paint in the picture!

And “Pretty In Prep”, which is about the autumn fashions coming out tomorrow:

This week’s In Focus focuses on Aqua Grabber, telling us about it’s history and what it does now:

This week’s Aunt Arctic questions are “Game Fame”, where someone asks her what her favourite game is and “Tippity Toppity”, who asks about tipping the iceberg:

This week’s “Tips & Secrets” is about caring for puffles:

And this week’s “Reviewed By You” is about the Penguin Games:

Along with all that, there are the usual weekly things: jokes, riddles, poems, a comic, and a puzzle- this week a shuffle-y one! Here are the Upcoming Events:

That’s all for this week’s paper! Look out for the new catalogues tomorrow!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



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