New Newspaper

Hi guys! A new newspaper came out today, packed full of facts and plenty of secret info, including exclusive information about the new play and the upcoming parties! Here are the top stories:

“New Play Is A Mystery”, where they reveal top secret information about tomorrow’s play! If you click on the box, the paint can, the puffle and the manhole, you can find the playbill! Which reveals exactly what the play is about (just like the title)!

And “Undersea Activities”, which tells us about the changes to Aqua Grabber:

There is an advert for the painters’ outfits in the Gift Shop:

And a sneak peek into the upcoming parties. Drag the leaves aside to see the pictures and hover over them to read the messages:

This week’s In Focus is about DJ-ing in the Night Club, and the Aunt Arctic questions are “What’s the stor-rory?” who asks who Rory the Construction Penguin is (like it doesn’t say in the name 😀 ) and “Color Conundrum”, who asks what the most popular penguin colour is. Aunt Arctic doesn’t really answer either very well! This week’s Tips & Secrets is about how to start a band, and this week’s Reviewed By You reviews igloos. As usual there are jokes, riddles, a puzzle (this week a wordsearch), a comic and a poem (this week very good).
Until next time…
Waddle on!