New Stage Production, Costume Catalog Secrets & Two New Pins

Hi everyone! A new stage production and two new pins came out today! The first pin is a magnifying glass, and can be found at the Dock:

The second pin is a Ruby, is hidden at the Stage and is very well hidden! To find it, you have to click the filing cabinet, the double doors, the rubbish bin (trash can), the lamp, the book, the vase and the painting, in precisely that order:

And now, onto the play itself! It is called “Ruby And The Ruby” and it is based on Sherlock Holmes.

In the nature of the play, there are, at last, secret items in the Costume Catalogue:

1. You can find the Dark Detective’s Coat by clicking on the doorknob:

2. You can find the Noir background (that means black in french) by dragging down the words on the back cover:

That’s it for this week’s updates!
Until next time…
Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. thx for this man i was looking for it alot

  2. are you coming to my party? today 10;00 am cp time at matterhorn at cove. i may not get there in time.

  3. Great Post!

    Bodge, could I be on your friends blogroll?

    I will add you to mine. And you would be at the top of my blogroll!

    Pls comment back with your answer at


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