Rare Penguin Giveaway Contest

Update: contest is now closed.

Hi everyone! I’m giving away a free, super-rare penguin:

Here’s how to win:

Guess a number between 1 and 500 and comment it below. The closest number to the one I’m thinking of wins!


  • You may only comment one guess
  • Guesses on any other posts WILL NOT COUNT
  • Include your real email in the comment form or in the comment (don’t worry- it will not be published, and I will not spam you)

The contest will end next Sunday (the 21st of September). Good luck!

Until next time…

Waddle on!



86 Responses

  1. 256?

  2. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    I added you to mine. 🙂

    Anyways, my guess is….


  3. cool site! my guess is 78

  4. 3….again!!! lol

  5. i guesssed this number last time but overall i think its the best. 250.

  6. 101

  7. lol we are having one too! I guess 139

  8. 270

  9. i think the number is 200

  10. 362


  11. Nice site!
    Cool post!
    Comment back

  12. hey bodge im editing my css today! woo-hoo its going to be awesome!
    Bodge101: Cool- does this mean you’re quitting homestead? are u using thesource00.wordpress.com or cp7?

  13. umm 456?

  14. Is it 357

  15. i really want this prize so here is my guess


  16. 243

  17. Where do you get these penguins?


  18. 248

  19. 251
    P.S I hope i win!

  20. 99…

  21. 483 don’t spam me

  22. someone donated the member penguin from my contest to our site!



  23. 137

  24. I would have to guess…

  25. 252….. Yep thats a winner

  26. Well the penguin I once used was banned forever and so I only have sqoort and I would love another rare penguin … my guess:98

    wish me luck =D

  27. 384

  28. 499 is my guess!!
    also if iwin send it to *email removed*

  29. 106
    If I am stirke I am genuis

  30. thats the party reveiw. sorta. anyway i have a member penguin for a future contest and im staying with homestead cause i have a job and thats how im using my money.

  31. oh and im using clubpenguinseven. im done pretty much with thesource00.wordpress

  32. 3 lol he he

  33. Ohh Bodge look at the mystery about the stage on my site
    Please copy it tell it from my site and get me more hits

  34. 334

  35. i say its 250 because i dont know y so bye

  36. 280?

  37. 63

  38. ummmmm……. 397?

  39. 70 is my guess if I win tell me on my mail

  40. Is the nuber around 250?

  41. 211 is my guess! i probably not gonna win!


  43. i am gussing the number is 306

  44. i think the number is 362

  45. oh sorry i meant 414!

  46. 376

  47. i guess 566! (hope i get it)

  48. i guess 499

  49. 389 is my guess

  50. 210

  51. 132

  52. lol my ghess is 500

  53. i hope i win but im not that sure is it 424?

  54. 13 as of last times reason

  55. I know I’m not gonna win but I think it’s fun to enter contests…well I might even win!

  56. Wait… We can only guess once?

    If so then i guess 2 XD

  57. Hey Bodge
    My friend is here want to guess number to and he is at my house now and he guess
    He really is…

  58. 263?

  59. 250

  60. Hey, wzup bodge? i think i am gonna win!!! well maybe but just please pick my answer!! or if i don’t win i am gonna cry 😦 please pick my answer ok this is it…… 2

  61. 425

  62. umm im gonna guess umm 334! thats just a random number! lol! i really really really really really really really really hope i win!

  63. 251

  64. plz Bodge!!! its me again plz plz plz!!!!!!!!! i really really really really really really want that penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait does it have the rubber ducky?…. i say the number is uh…. 510 and 2

  65. my penguin is older than that penguin

  66. 556

  67. 1

  68. 264

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